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CURRENT Practice Guidelines in Primary Care 2017 (Lange)


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CURRENT Practice Guidelines in Primary Care 2017 (Lange)
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Today’s Best Practices in Your Pocket!

Guidelines for the most common outpatient conditions – in a NEW user-friendly outline format!

A  Doody's Core Title for 2017!

CURRENT Practice Guidelines in Primary Care 2017 has been reformatted into an easy-to-use outline to provide you with quick access to screening, prevention, and treatment guidelines for the common outpatient conditions. Content is drawn from a wide array of recommendations from government agencies, expert panels, medical specialty organizations, and other professional and scientific organizations.  Each topic is carefully selected for relevance to the office practice of ambulatory medicine, and the text overflows with clinical pearls, easy-to-apply take home points, and guideline-based algorithms designed to simplify clinical decision-making.

• Every topic updated
• NEW user-friendly outline format speeds you to most current screening, prevention, and management guidelines
• The perfect balance between brevity and clinical necessity – exactly the amount of information you need – no more, less
• Authoritative content drawn from government agencies, medical and scientific organizations, and expert panels
• Carefully selected for relevance to the office practice of ambulatory medicine
• Easy-to-apply take-home points are perfect for busy clinicians
• Clinical pearls for all healthcare providers
• Spans all areas of general medicine
• Website addresses for U.S. government agencies and professional societies
• Updated evidence-based content

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Lipid Management Handbook combines pertinent information from Braunwald’s Heart Disease and Clinical Lipidology to offer unparalleled coverage and expert guidance on the latest and most promising medical treatments for hypercholesterolemia. Presented in a straightforward, accessible, and user-friendly style, this all-new companion eBook is ideal for anyone who is on the frontline managing patients with high cholesterol.

  • Access the latest data
  • with updated chapters on
  • Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitors
  • ,
  • Combination Therapy for Dyslipidemia
  • , and
  • PCSK9 Inhibition
  • Get authoritative guidance from the foremost experts in the field
  • Easily access key content with an easy to use format
  • Access options and evidence-based solutions
  • for every type of patient scenario, as well as the latest clinical guidelines and therapies, including recently approved and experimental drugs.
  • Remain at the forefront of cardiology with updated chapters on Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitors, Combination Therapy for Dyslipidemia, and PCSK9 Inhibition
  • Take advantage of a format that follows that of the well-known and internationally recognized Braunwald’s Heart Disease
  1. Menopause symptoms in HIV patients liable more intense
    (dailyRx Intelligence) Recent advances in HIV treatment have allowed more HIV-infected women to contemporary through and past menopause. But not much is known about the effects of HIV on menopause. A up to date review looked at current data on HIV and menopause. Averment ...
  2. Reflections from Residency: When ‘big observations’ gets in the way of good care
    This was the decree everyone would eventually have to follow, he told her, the “way ... thoroughly patients’ hypertension or diabetes is controlled, how again patients are be readmitted to hospitals). This approach has been thither for some ...
  3. Antidepressants Have No Sense on Bone Loss
    Reviewed by F. Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE; Docent of Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and Dorothy Caputo, MA, BSN, RN, Develop Planner The use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) or tricyclic ...

ATP III Cholesterol Management Guidelines Cat's-paw - Free Download ...

By watching your cholesterol, you might be accomplished to drastically reduce your risk of heart cancer. It will help you detect, evaluate and treat ripe blood cholesterol. This application was developed by practitioners tiresome to establish guidelines in order to help people learn how to pay for high cholesterol and educate people about the.

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  1. How Does HIV Pretend to Menopause?
    The analysis authors explained that many HIV-infected people also have an increased chance of high cholesterol levels, diabetes and high levels of triglycerides (a quintessence of fat that circulates in the blood), and therefore are more at risk for heart attacks
  2. My 35-Year-Old Staunch Has Newly Diagnosed Diabetes. What Do We Know ...
    denoted in the Nationalistic Cholesterol Education Program, Adult Treatment Panel III (NCEP ATP III) guidelines, which reclassified diabetes from a CHD hazard factor to a CHD risk equivalent.4 As a result, the quick-wittedness of diabetes assigns an absolute 10
  3. New Blood Trial Detects Heart Attack Risk, Is Specially Accurate With Women ...
    "The findings of our bookwork, when completed, could change the way we diagnose heart attacks in women, potentially reducing inequalities in the treatment and outcomes, and enabling all to receive the best care." The enquiry, funded by the British
  4. When does 'unnatural' actually impact your health?
    Disclosure Announcement. Paul Glasziou was on the management committee for two large cholesterol-lowering trials. He is on the Food of Therapeutic Guidelines and the BMJ. Bond University does not contribute to the bring in of running . Find
  5. Civil Cholesterol Education Month Advice: Brush Up on Your Scholarship ...
    New Orleans, LA, urges all Americans to remember the basic facts about cholesterol management. A recent study from the Centers for Cancer Control and Prevention reports that awareness about the rank of cholesterol management is on the rise
Cholesterol Management Guidelines | Rethink Lipids
Cholesterol Management Guidelines | Rethink Lipids
NCEP ATP III Guidelines For Cholesterol Management - PDF Document ...
NCEP ATP III Guidelines For Cholesterol Management - PDF Document ...
NCEP ATP III Guidelines For Cholesterol Management (PDF)
NCEP ATP III Guidelines For Cholesterol Management (PDF)
NCEP ATP III Guidelines For Cholesterol Management - PDF Document
NCEP ATP III Guidelines For Cholesterol Management - PDF Document