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CardioChek HDL Cholesterol Test Strips, 3-Count Containers (Pack of 2)
CardioChek HDL Cholesterol Test Strips, 3-Count Containers (Pack of 2) by CardioChek

  • Contains 3 disposable test strips
  • An important indicator of your cardiovascular health status
  • The American Heart Association recommends knowing your HDL

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The CardioChek HDL Test Strip provides a quantitative measurement of high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol in whole blood. HDL Cholesterol, often referred to as good cholesterol, is an important component of a lipid profile. A low HLD indicates increase risk in coronary heart disease, while high LDL level indicates lower risk. A memo chip is provided with each package of test strips and must be properly inserted into the CardioChek meter before performing a test. After the test strip is inserted into the meter and blood sample is applied to the test strip, test results are displayed in about 1 minute.
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Instruct Rules Of High Cholesterol | High Cholesterol Symptoms

The cholesterol supine is in the foods. The proper functioning of the body also requires respectable levels of Cholesterol. The cholesterol is produced by the body and it produces the indispensable levels. To be aware of the abnormal blood cholesterol contents it is pure important to know about the cholesterol.

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High Cholesterol Symptoms >> High Cholesterol Symptoms In Women Tips ...
High Cholesterol Symptoms >> High Cholesterol Symptoms In Women Tips ...
Symptoms of High Cholesterol in Women | Helpful Tips You Need to Know
Symptoms of High Cholesterol in Women | Helpful Tips You Need to Know
Posted on September 30, 2011 by jaclyn | 5 Comments
Posted on September 30, 2011 by jaclyn | 5 Comments