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General Tools MMD7NP Moisture Meter, Pinless, Digital LCD with Tricolor Bar Graph

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General Tools MMD7NP Moisture Meter, Pinless, Digital LCD with Tricolor Bar Graph by General Tools

  • Moisture detection tool has a 3/4 inch (20mm) maximum sensing depth...
  • Wood working tool is auto-calibrating and operates on 9V battery;...
  • Moisture detector is non-invasive, non-marring and is ideal for...

Customer reviews
Does what it says it does, November 9, 2017
I used this to measure moisture levels to make sure I do not have water intrusion. The technology itself is a limited in its accuracy but I believe that’s true of all moisture meters. I consulted a professional to help me understand how to get the...
I live in the Florida Keys and we just had Hurricane Irma hit pretty bad and had lots of roof damage and this ..., November 8, 2017
Moisture Meter, October 26, 2017
Product Description
General's Non-Penetrating LCD Moisture Meter with Tricolor Bar Graph is ideal for DIY enthusiasts, woodworkers, contractors, building inspectors and water damage remediates. Includes 1 9V battery and user's manual. 1 Year Warranty.

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Q. Steps Cholesterol BioMeter Glucose Monitoring System


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Q. Steps Cholesterol BioMeter Glucose Monitoring System by Cholesterol Chek

  • User friendly
  • Fast test results
  • Affordable cholesterol testing, less than a third of the cost of...

Product Description
With the Q. Steps Cholesterol BioMeter Glucose Monitoring System, you can quickly and accurately track both glucose and cholesterol levels with 1 meter. This dual monitoring system can also store up to 99 readings for glucose and cholesterol levels. Requiring only half the blood sample size required of similar systems, this kit offers reliable results in 3 easy steps. Dual Monitoring System. 30 second test results. Great accuracy and precision. Automatic on/off. Auto strip Identification. Stores up to 99 readings.

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  1. dom , dom , says:
    What equipment is old to measure cholesterol?
    You had to prefer equipment from a list - but I can't find anything relating to measuring cholesterol. I recently got a in smithereens of homework where you have to plan out a drugs (medicine) trial for a opiate that lowered cholesterol levels.
    itsmedude1 says:
    u will neediness a cholesterol test kit. cholesterol is measured in blood i. e u need to take some blood to spread around it. it is a lab test.
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An-Investigation-Utilizing-A-Cholesterol-Test-Kit-At-Home -

Blood cholesterol screening is normally conducted with the aid of fitness experts. One great advantage of a cholesterol test set is that you're in a position to classify wheth. Nevertheless, with numerous home medical materials on the superstore, you can now observe your cholesterol degrees in the comfortable atmosphere of your habitation with aid from a home cholesterol.

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Accutrend Gc - Cholesterol & Glucose Testing System Testing Equipment ...
Accutrend Gc - Cholesterol & Glucose Testing System Testing Equipment ...
Cholesterol Testing Product Testing Equipment, Laboratory Testing ...
Cholesterol Testing Product Testing Equipment, Laboratory Testing ...
Cholesterol Home Scan Test – 1 Test | Health Test Kits
Cholesterol Home Scan Test – 1 Test | Health Test Kits
Accutrend Plus Cholesterol Test Strips
Accutrend Plus Cholesterol Test Strips