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There is a broad meaning of the word cholesterol as we 
can see from different people who have already come up with 
meanings of cholesterol as one of the substances in our 
body because of how it works in our bodies since it is a 
vital substance. 
We can describe cholesterol from this booklet as follows:
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High blood pressure- hypertension - is one of the most common and serious of all health conditions.
This important guide explains the background and causes of high blood pressure and describes an effective self-help programme to help restore health and stabilize blood pressure.

This book clearly explains what high blood pressure is natural, self-help treatment including fasting, diet, exercise, breathing and relaxation how lifestyle and behaviour affect blood pressure – and what you can do about it.

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  1. Kisham Kisham says:
    Do people have to direct their high cholesterol forever?
    or does it finally go away after lifestyle changing like excersing and staying fit. I was wondering is high cholesterol forever, like do people always have to pass their everyday life worrying about keeping it low.
    mcdbb says:
    This is not something that you can just metamorphose for 30 days and then go back to what you were doing before. Lifestyle changes have a huge import, if carried out properly and maintained.
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Researchers Discover Patients More Likely To Take 'Polypill' - CBS Detroit

The other unit received standard care, which involved multiple medications. One got a combo pest – called a polypill – to treat high blood insistence, cholesterol, and platelet control. Compliance in the polypill assemblage was about 86 percent, compared to about 65 percent in the multiple troche group, according to Study Author Dr. Simon Thom.

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How to Control High Cholesterol
How to Control High Cholesterol
Controlling High Cholesterol | We Help Each Other
Controlling High Cholesterol | We Help Each Other
How to Control High Cholesterol
How to Control High Cholesterol