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Vim & Vigor Herb Infused Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic Supplement - 32 FL OZ

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Vim & Vigor Herb Infused Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic Supplement - 32 FL OZ by Vim & Vigor

  • Certified Organic and as always NON-GMO and GLUTEN-FREE
  • The entire product including the bottle and cap are Made in the USA
  • Our special blend creates a new flavor profile much better than...

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Product Description
Here in this bottle, handed down for generations from grandmother to grandchild, is a time-tested formula. A veritable bouquet of herbs and spices inviting all of us to blossom.
Healing, restorative, and rejuvenating, the inherent properties of each carefully chosen ingredient work together to encourage the body to truly thrive.
Sip daily, rise to the occasion of life itself and as Grandma would proclaim, "LIVE LIFE WITH Vim & Vigor"
Vim and Vigor is a result of an old family recipe which has been handed down through generations of Kentucky Mountain Families. Using an Organic adapted recipe, we carefully produce extracts of 14 organic American-grown herbs and spices. We do not use any herbs or spices that are grown outside of the United States of America, nor do we use any ingredients or packaging materials that are from outside the USA.
Vim & Vigor is created by combining our proprietary herbal extraction with RAW APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (Remember, this does taste like a vinegar, but better) Organic Apple and Organic Grape Juices to create an all in one herbal health tonic. This tonic has no added sugar so diabetics can safely take V and V. Our product has been sold for over 20 years, and we have thousands of happy customers. Taking 2 Tablespoons per day, will provide you with many health benefits. You may take the Vim & Vigor straight, or add to water or juice. You can also take at any time during the day. Here are a few examples of the benefits of the herbs:
Cloves - Oral Health, Gut Health
Echinacea - Immunity, Bladder Health
Chickweed - Circulatory Health, Inflammation
Chamomile - Circulatory, Gut Health
Valerian - Gut Health, Circulatory
Black Cohosh - Respiratory, Immunity
Goldenseal - Immunity
Ginseng - Support normal energy levels
Fenugreek - Maintaining normal blood sugar levels
Ginger and Cinnamon - Support healthy digestion
Organic Spirulina 180 Veggie Capsules | 3000mg | Extra Strength | Gluten Free | Non - GMO

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Organic Spirulina 180 Veggie Capsules | 3000mg | Extra Strength | Gluten Free | Non - GMO by GSA Nutrition

  • DO NOT SETTLE FOR LOW QUALITY SPIRULINA - Our journey was to find...
  • MULTIPLE HEALTH BENEFITS - One of the world's best "Super Foods",...
  • FRESH & GREEN - Spirulina, 100% Organic Natural with Super...

Product Description

100% pure, organic and cold pressed spirulina - a gift for your body.

Our Spirulina is at highest of quality and has no additives or harmful chemicals.
Spirluina is a nutrient dense superfood which has a very high source of protein among all the other supplements.
Bottle contains 180 veggie capsules, 500mg each.
We encourage everyone to not ever settle for low quality Spirulina.
Spirulina has incredible health benefits while prioritizing on boosting of your energy.
Brain and Cardiovascular Health are among many benefits Spirulina has to offer.
Taking Spirulina may help with detoxing heavy metals, boosts immune system, regulates blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, protects the skin, speeds up weight loss, improves overall health. Also would like to mention that Spirulina acts as an antioxidant.
Individual results may very.
GSA Nutrition spirulina is manufactured in the US with the finest ingredients.
You can not go wrong with cold pressed, non-GMO, and organic Spirulina capsules which also come with superior absorption benefits.
The capsules are more convenient than the powder, easier to use and carry with you.
The benefits of great health, a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and regular exercise should not be overlooked and practiced on a daily basis.
The importance of taking supplements should be a good habit for all with major focus put on organic and pure capsules/tablets.
We manufacture using the best ingredients on earth.

Offer This Gift To Your Body Today - The Results Will Be Rewarding!

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  1. Neethi Mathur Neethi Mathur says:
    Low Vitamin D and high cholesterol topic?
    So what are. the puzzle is most foods that i know of that have good sources of vitamin D have alot of cholesterol. So i have outrageously low vitamin D and high cholesterol.
    EddySays says:
    Escape burning. Preferably in trunks or minimal clothing. 10 to 15 minutes per day if you are in a fingers on where the uv rays are not too strong. Best source of vitamin D is sunlight.
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In this big-hearted of. Are current strategies for VERY low unhealthy fat intake justified. How much saturated fat (and absolutely what types), if any should one take. What is the basis for this placement on Saturated very fat. Saturated fat has become demonized by our health authorities and advertising.
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Natural Vitamins | Herbal Supplements Reviews
Natural Vitamins | Herbal Supplements Reviews
high cholesterol rarely cause of high cholesterol indicators it is ...
high cholesterol rarely cause of high cholesterol indicators it is ...
Foods With High Cholesterol – Balanced, Not Harmful ...
Foods With High Cholesterol – Balanced, Not Harmful ...