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Kohm CP-240L Toenail Clipper for Thick Nails - 4mm Wide Jaw Opening, Straight Edge, Brushed Stainless Steel

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Kohm CP-240L Toenail Clipper for Thick Nails - 4mm Wide Jaw Opening, Straight Edge, Brushed Stainless Steel by wholehealthsupply

  • BUILT-IN NAIL FILE: The CP-240L comes with built-in nail file, so...
  • 4mm WIDE JAW OPENING : Kohm CP-240L has extra wide jaw opening of...
  • EFFORTLESS TO CONTROL: Kohm CP-240L measures 3.3" x 0.5" x 0.7"...

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Smooth, Great Looking Nails Start With Kohm Large Nail Clippers!

Stop struggling with nail clippers that are too small ... that constantly fall apart ... that are difficult to squeeze ...

Kohm Large Nail Clippers allow anyone, no matter what their hand size or finger strength, to precisely cut their nails with absolutely no tearing or splitting!

At Kohm, we analyzed the competition, listened to people's complaints about all the cheaply-made nail clippers that are available today and then we took all that information and designed a solution that will leave you supremely satisfied ... and looking your best!

Kohm Features:

- Large and ergonomically designed for comfort and an easy grip.

- Premium brushed stainless steel that lasts a lifetime. Strong, attractive!

- No frustrating search for a nail file. It's built-in. Simply clip, file and go with one tool!

- Always handy and easy to find with holes for key rings and storage hooks

- Precision blades that give a clean cut for that well-groomed look. No tearing or chipping!

- Designed by US company and manufactured at a SVHC-certified factory in China!

Now you can get nicely groomed nails at home quickly and easily with Kohm Large Nail Clippers.

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Guaranteed 15 Day Rapid Weight Loss Program (100% Natural and Organic). Alkaline the body for healthy, fast effective weight loss and detoxify and cleanse the Colon Kidney Lung Liver Skin and Bowel.

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Guaranteed 15 Day Rapid Weight Loss Program (100% Natural and Organic). Alkaline the body for healthy, fast effective weight loss and detoxify and cleanse the Colon Kidney Lung Liver Skin and Bowel. by Living Lean

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Living Lean is an FDA approved, natural & organic alkaline detox that achieves health, well-being & weight loss results in unprecedented timeframes.
Living Lean guarantees that optimal body chemistry is achieved within 48 hours for improved cell health, increased alkalinity & fast, effective & sustainable weight loss.
This process provides a thorough internal colon cleanse, removes unhealthy body toxins & increases the pH (acidity) of the body. Toxic build-up & elevated acid levels increase the size of fat cells & is the No 1 cause of poor health, lethargy, skin conditions & weight gain.
Comprising of a step-by-step, easy to follow, systemised approach, Living Lean includes everything you need at achieve rapid results, including an all-natural 100% organic formula, water ionising stick, pH strips, pH booster, recipe guide, shopping list & 'Approved' food list.
The program will have you consuming an unlimited supply of Living Lean approved, healthy & nutritious foods (mainly fruits and vegetables) to ensure you never feel hungry. These wholesome foods are supplemented with a 100% natural & organic alkalising formula, that is combined with water and consumed. Living Lean is not a meal replacement shake.
Living Lean is grown, manufactured & packaged in Australia, the world's premier natural and organic region. The Living Lean alkalising formula includes a synergistic blend of the highest quality, premium trace minerals & organic nutrient dense superfoods to provide chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes & protein. The inclusion of superior grade products assists in replicating healthy body cells & ensures that no muscle or fluid wastage occurs whilst completing the program.
A 24 hour support network is available to encourage, motivate and educate our customers & guarantee results.
Also available as a 5 day program

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  1. Glen Glen says:
    is there any parasites that bring up blood sugar and mimic diabetes?
    my sibling was in Venezuela and ecuador. he said that he was eating some strange foods and when he came back he had symptoms that diabetes tired latargic intence yen crave and blood sugar level of 511. my brother is in fit progress and not obese.
    Mr. Peachy® says:
    In theory, he could have contracted a cancer that attacked the insulin producing portion of his pancreas, but there's no aliment that could have caused it. The only thing that comes to mind is.
  1. Without considering all our rage, we are still just Debt Slaves in a mental pen
    The Fed and Moneys have genetically modified the market, Monsanto variety. Stocks are as bloated as our supersized fast-edibles ridden bellies, while the foundation and fields on which they grew turns at any time more toxic. The market has been injected with more ...
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    God humour tell me I am dreaming!” When Clive uttered the words, he brooding he heard a voice. He looked around the room and saw no one, not his wife, not his children. He threw his head back and closed his eyes, Oh Gladden! He admonished himself.
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    The new age of games consoles can't come quick enough, says Matt Martin With the issue of Grand Theft Auto V this week, all ... GTA V shows the daftness of the old video game business, where arbitrary rules are trampled by the masses - the ...

30x30x30: What Not to Do When You're Eyes Are Tired - The Butter ...

Also, in both 2011 and 2012, there were a lot of reports of missing/unreceived postcards. I was partiality towards not doing the postcard exchange at all this year because my capability faculty to manage the logistics of it has not kept pace with people’s vigorish in participating. I spent a decent chunk of but updating the World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange website yesterday.

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    Even how you get out of bed matters. Article; Comments. more in Other foot ailments, such as sores that don't mend, can point to a more serious condition, such as diabetes. Podiatrists say foot ailments are a growing incorrigible as more people get
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    “To be aware that I've got a safety net, ultimately just some basic guaranty that covers that kind of catastrophic kind of issues, it does give you temperate of mind. It does make it a little easier to sleep at nightfall sometimes,” Linde said. It's grievous to say
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    When you tag, tell Candice you'd like to come in for my Hazard Free Advanced NeuroFoot AnalysisTM so she can make infallible you receive proper credit for this special put forward. I Offer Real Change! Our job is to STOP the Injure and PROBLEMS caused by peripheral 
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