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As Seen on TV Instant 20/20 Adjustable Glasses, 4 Ounce


As Seen on TV Instant 20/20 Adjustable Glasses, 4 Ounce by As Seen On TV

  • Continuously adjustable
  • Corrects 90% of spherical errors
  • Light weight and durable.

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Product Description
Instant 20/20 the adjustable glasses you dial-in for to see better instantly! When you are in a bind and need to see, you need Instant 20/20. You adjust them and dial them in just the way you need them When you need to see clearly in any situation you need Instant 20/20. Perfect backup. Adjustable for near or far sighted. Corrects 90% of spherical errors. Light weight and durable. NOTE: These eyeglasses will not correct astigmatism. The lenses in these glasses are not for prescription lenses. DO NOT use for driving and/or other operating heavy machinery. You should have your eyes examined regularly by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist. Eye examinations can detect health problems that have not signs or symptoms. NEVER disregard professional advice or delay in seeking it because of your purchase, receipt, or use of these glasses.
Product Description
Copper Hands Gloves As Seen On TV Arthritis Compression Gloves Small/Medium

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  1. summer lane summer lane says:
    How fountain does pedi paws claw trimmer work and where could i buy it online?
    how indeed does. i saw this pedi paws claw trimmer on tv and i've been looking throughout for it. Walmart, Walgreen's, petsmart, all the stores that have "as seen on tv" products and i pretence find it. but before i buy it does anyone already have one.
    ♥ Cheyanne ♥ Passion For Dogs says:
    That item takes. It SUCKS I bought it for my dog and it just cracks the nails and they get caught in there it makes my dogs whine, now I use daily clippers no more whining and its way faster.
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