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Adapter included. For smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and PC and Mac computers. Up to 48MB/s transfer speed. Store up to 600 photos and up to 160 minutes of full HD video.
EasyStore 4GB USB 2.0 Drive (SDUSBES1-004G-G11)
EasyStore 4GB USB 2.0 Drive (SDUSBES1-004G-G11) by Walgreens

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Product Description
Keep Your Digital World in Your Pocket Transfer and share photos, video, songs other files between computers with ease 2 Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X v10.1.2+ Linux compatible 3 Streamlines the process of storing data 1 gigabyte = 1 billion bytes. Some capacity not available for data storage. The product streamlines the process of storing digital data. Compatible with most PCs and other USB-enabled devices, this flash drive works straight out of the package without any add-ons or drivers.

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  1. jeli_02 jeli_02 says:
    How can I definitively transfer a home video to DVD?
    It's a VHS video that I want transferred to DVD. Does Walgreens do this for a fee or do I have to buy an expensive home device.
    Danny1992 says:
    Walgreens in a wink offered a slideshow creator with DVD-burning but that's actually it, as far as I differentiate. The best and in my opinion easiest way to burn a home video to DVD is using Sony Vegas DVD.
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Registration is treeless for the third annual Mcommerce Summit: Formal of Mobile Commerce 2013 conference Thursday, May 2 featuring speakers from Walmart, Walgreens, Bank of America, Lancôme, Project Within Reach, Priceline and Forrester Research. This daylong New York as it is a must-attend for retailers, brands, marketers, ad agencies, publishers and deal in researchers looking to devise and.
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Walgreens transfer prescription coupon 2011 / Cvs transfer ...
Walgreens transfer prescription coupon 2011 / Cvs transfer ...
24 99 for the first 100 feet $ 0 18 per foot after 100 feet
24 99 for the first 100 feet $ 0 18 per foot after 100 feet
24 99 for 1 tape to dvd $ 29 99 for 2 tapes to dvd formats
24 99 for 1 tape to dvd $ 29 99 for 2 tapes to dvd formats