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Prompted by the realization that the works of Alejandro Casona are for the most part unknown in the United States and that too few plays in Spanish are made available for classroom use, this edition has been prepared. One of the best dramatic productions of contemporary Spanish drama, this is a play in four acts that will appeal to the American student not only because of its unique content and interesting plot, but also because of its colorful background, poetic dialogue and skillful characterization. The complete Spanish-English Vocabulary and translations in footnotes should help the second-semester student of Spanish to understand the humor and poetic content of the play. Because of the abundance of folklore references in Casona's work and the great number of allusions to local customs contained therein, an Appendix offering a few notes of explanation is included. Un drama en cuatro actos con 30 paginas de palabras en espanol con definiciones en ingles. Tambien tiene un apendice de 6 paginas que da explicaciones de cuentos tradicionales.

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