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  1. Brymom02 Brymom02 says:
    Why argot you eat grapefruit with some medications?
    I occasionaly nick 5 mgs of diazapam for anxiety. The bottle says do not eat grapefriut when captivating this medication. I dont eat grapefruit but I eat oranges.
    BopMom says:
    (The Washington Circulate, September 26, 2000). Pity the poor grapefruit. Grapefruit and Meds Don't Mix.
  1. Composite grapefruits being developed for people on Big Pharma drugs
    (NaturalNews) A growing reckon of people are reportedly unable to eat grapefruits because the tangy citrus fruit contains appropriate compounds that interfere with the effectiveness of statins ... The man-made grapefruit, known as UF914, will purposes not ...
  2. Dostinex Pronounced
    When ergot derivatives are captivated with grapefruit juice, the grapefruit juice may cause the ergot imitative to build up in your body. This increased amount of ergot procured may affect blood flow in your body causing potentially dangerous effects.
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Ricardo Blog: Zocor Grapefruit Interaction

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  1. Shape Magazine (blog) Grapefruit and Medicines: A Precarious Mix?
    His new article shows there are now 85 known medications to lookout out for, including common ones like the antidepressant sertraline (Zoloft) and the cholesterol med simvastatin (Zocor). “Grapefruit, as by a long way as Seville oranges and pomelos, contains
  2. STONE: Grapefruit frequently doesn't mix well with meds
    A prime admonition is cholesterol-lowering agents, also known as “statins” which subsume brand names such as Lipitor, Zocor, and Mevacor. Grapefruit can significantly boost waxing the effects of these medications, creating harmful levels in the league, leading
zocor and grapefruit
zocor and grapefruit
Statins and grapefruit. Image source: Flickr
Statins and grapefruit. Image source: Flickr
Zocor Side Effects - The side Effects of Zocor
Zocor Side Effects - The side Effects of Zocor
Statins Grapefruit! Why Statins & Grapefruit are a Lethal Combination!
Statins Grapefruit! Why Statins & Grapefruit are a Lethal Combination!