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Futurebiotics Cholesterol Balance Veg-Capsules, 90-Count
Futurebiotics Cholesterol Balance Veg-Capsules, 90-Count by Futurebiotics

  • HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE:Futurebiotics® has been committed to "Creating...
  • HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS:CholesterolBalance® supports healthy...

Customer reviews
REALLY DOES WORK, November 9, 2017
seriously WORKS! my total cholesterol went from 285 down to 243 (using this product for 3 weeks) my triglycerides went from 106-to 84, my Hdl went up from 81 to 93 , and my Ldl went down from 183 to 132. These number are from ACTUAL Doctors blood...
dizzy, September 1, 2013
Great results from a great supplement!!, April 2, 2015
Have taken TONS of cholesterol lowering supplement for the past 6 years. Was diagnosed with hyperlipidemia at 25 with a total cholesterol of 284 / LDL of 144 / Triglycerides well over 300 .... at the time had been a vegetarian for 17 years,...
Product Description
Clinical research has proven that beta-glucan, plant sterols and policosanol help support healthy cholesterol levels.* CholesterolBalance supports healthy cholesterol levels with scientifically proven ingredients and whole-food natural co-factors from twelve healthy vegetables. Since our early beginning in 1984, Futurebiotics has been committed to “Creating a Healthier Future* by helping our customers lead healthier lives through better nutrition. After more than 30 years, that is still our commitment. This comprehensive and meticulous commitment to product integrity guarantees that you can be absolutely confident that when you choose a Futurebiotics product for yourself and your family, you are choosing the very best nature, and Futurebiotics, has to offer.
Natrol - Beta Sitosterol For Cholesterol Balance, 60 tablets
Natrol - Beta Sitosterol For Cholesterol Balance, 60 tablets by Natrol

  • Serving Size - 1 tablet
  • Does Not Contain: Yeast, wheat, corn, milk, egg, glutens,...

Product Description
Beta Sitosterol also known as phytosterols, has shown efficacy in maintaining cholesterol levels that are already within a normal range when combined with a healthy calorie reduction and excercise program.

Questions & answers

  1. susi susi says:
    what happens if you eat raw onion and a fit bar of chocolate afterwards?
    I am asking this because I fancy raw onion but soon after I feel like eating something cloying and I swallow a whole bar of good quality chocolate afterwards. Will the chocolate wax my cholesterol or. the onion will keep cholesterol balanced.
    bornfree says:
    it all depends if you are on a food or not , if you eat the whole chocolate bar in a. If you like raw onion and you can digested with no muddle I don't see any problems there.
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fatty acid shown to safely and effectivley support cholesterol levels
fatty acid shown to safely and effectivley support cholesterol levels
Futurebiotics Cholesterol Balance - - Lowest Price
Futurebiotics Cholesterol Balance - - Lowest Price