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NEW PRIMA 2 IN 1 Total CHOLESTEROL & TRIGLYCERIDES, COMPLETE TEST METER KIT. FDA and CE APPROVED! PRIMA 2IN1 Self-Testing Kit is a new dual function highly accurate and simple to use diagnostic device, developed to execute measurements for Total cholesterol and triglycerides in the comfort of your home. PRIMA 2IN1 Self-Testing Kit gives you the possibility to check and monitor your Personal Cardiovascular Risk using just one testing device. PRIMA 2IN1 is a new unique dual function test meter kit which uses REFLECTOMETRIC technology to monitor your Total cholesterol and triglycerides. The meter gives results in about 30 seconds.The meter switches on automatically when the test strip is inserted, The meter uses a large display for easy reading. The system remains clean and hygienic because it uses the strip ejector which removes the old test strip.The meter has a memory capacity of 500 measurements with date and time display. Measuring range: Cholesterol 3.3-10.2 mmol/L (130-400 mg/dL) Triglycerides 0.56 - 5.6 mmol/L (50-500 mg/dL) Power source 2 Lithium button cells, type CR2032, approx. life time 1000 measurements. Optionally it is possible to connect the reader to a PC, downloading and managing the results. Dimensions: 97 mm x 49 mm x 20.5 mm. Weight 65 g (incl. battery). KIT CONTENTS: 1 Prima Test Meter, 5 pcs. Cholesterol test strips + Data-chip, 5 pcs. Triglycerides test strips + Data-chip, 1 Lancet device, 25 pcs. sterile Lancets, Instruction Manual. (English) 1 carry case. 2 Batteries.CR2032 (Included inside the meter) MADE IN ITALY.
DIACARE GUC-Check Multi-monitoring System Total Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Uric Acid 3-IN-1 Meter

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DIACARE GUC-Check Multi-monitoring System Total Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Uric Acid 3-IN-1 Meter by DIACARE

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  • DIACARE GUC-Check Multi-monitoring System 3 in 1 Multi-Function...

Product Description
Box includes meter Features: 3 in 1 Multi-Function (Total Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Uric Acid) With Auto-Strip Recognition function, the system will recognize the inserted strip while testing. Alternative Site Test (Fingertip, Palm, Forearm) Advanced Electrochemical Biosensor Technology Easy to use, auto power on when inserting strip Rapid to get the result (Blood glucose result: 20s, Uric Acid result: 20s, Total Cholesterol result: 60s) Siphon Design, convenient to sample Proven accuracy by serious research Specification Parameters CHOL Total Cholesterol GLU Blood Glucose UA Uric Acid Principle Electrochemical Biosensor Electrochemical Biosensor Electrochemical Sensor Test Sample Peripheral Blood/Venous Blood Peripheral Blood/Venous Blood Peripheral Blood/Venous Blood Sample Method Top-end Siphon Sample Side-to-end Siphon Sample Side-to-end Siphon Sample Measuring Time 60 Seconds 20 Seconds 20 Seconds Measuring Range 100-400mg/dL(2.59-10.35mmol/L) 40-500mg/dL(2.2-27.8mmol/L) 3-20mg/dL(179-1190umol/L) Sample Volume 15ul 3ul 3ul Memory 50 Test Results 200 Test Results 50 Test Results
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Caregivers Ask Are House Medical Test Kits & BP Monitors Reliable ...

A variation of factors can influence, and interfere with, test kit readings. Tranquil versions of cholesterol test kits, pulse oximeter devices and blood adversity monitors don't show a complete and accurate picture of what's growing on with the patient's condition.

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Cholesterol Tests - HealthChex Cholesterol Test Instructions
Cholesterol Tests - HealthChex Cholesterol Test Instructions
Cholestrak Total Cholesterol Test Kit Dual Check your self testing
Cholestrak Total Cholesterol Test Kit Dual Check your self testing
Home Cholesterol Test $12.99 in Local Stores
Home Cholesterol Test $12.99 in Local Stores