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Cholesterol Chek Cholesterol Test Strips (3 Count)

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Cholesterol Chek Cholesterol Test Strips (3 Count) by Cholesterol Chek

  • Dual monitoring system
  • Biometer cholesterol test strips
  • Made in USA

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Product Description
For use with the Cholesterol Chek Glucose/Cholesterol Meter. Includes three Cholesterol Test Strips.
PTS Panels #1712 CardioChek Cholesterol Total Test Strips (2 boxes of 3 count Total Cholesterol Strips)
PTS Panels #1712 CardioChek Cholesterol Total Test Strips (2 boxes of 3 count Total Cholesterol Strips) by CardioChek

  • To be used with CardioChek Analyzer (sold SEPARATELY)
  • No refrigeration needed
  • Easy to use

Product Description
6 total cholesterol test strips for CardioChek ST/CardioChek PA has a measuring range of 100-400mg/dL

Questions & answers

  1. JL JL says:
    Anyone skilled in if the new digital home cholesterol blood testers are worth it?
    I got it from CVS. I just picked up one of these. These new ones assert to test for HDL and Triglycerides. If it's not accurate (like the old ones) I'd like to. It was perfectly expensive (over $100 with the test strips).
    Donnie S says:
    At this at all times the only way to get accurate results is from a lab. Home test are good only for in between monitoring since the results can reorganize +- 10%.
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