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History will remember Dr. Esselstyn, October 28, 2015
This book saved my life. I accidently stumbled upon Dr. Esselstyn's research and recommendations when I was bed ridden with severe blood pressure which was getting worse by the day and I knew that it was just a matter of limited time before I...
4/08/2013-Heart attack. 6/04/2013-Cardiologist said don't come back for 6 months!, June 5, 2013
This is my first review on Amazon.I just turned 51. I have exercised since our first gym membership in 1978. I have worked out extensively. I have 2 bikes I ride regularly. I have a gym in my garage, with pull-up tower and padded floor and...
Five stars from me for critical information, recipes, ..., May 14, 2016
Five stars from me for critical information, recipes, and value. I've gone plant based since my doc decided he wanted to put me on a statin. I told him I wanted to research statins before I agreed to take his prescription.It didn't take...
Product Description
Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease challenges conventional cardiology by posing a compelling, revolutionary idea-that we can, in fact, abolish the heart disease epidemic in this country by changing our diets. Drawing on the groundbreaking results of his twenty-year nutritional study, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., a former surgeon, researcher, and clinician at the Cleveland Clinic, convincingly argues that a plant-based, oil-free diet can not only prevent and stop the progression of heart disease, but also reverse its effects.

Furthermore, it can eliminate the need for expensive and invasive surgical interventions, such as bypass and stents, no matter how far the disease has progressed. Dr. Esselstyn began his research with a group of patients who joined his study after traditional medical procedures to treat their advanced heart disease had failed. Within months of following a plant-based, oil-free diet, their angina symptoms eased, their cholesterol levels dropped significantly, and they experienced a marked improvement in blood flow to the heart. Twenty years later, the majority of Dr. Esselstyn's patients continue to follow his program and remain heart-attack proof.

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease explains the science behind these dramatic results, and offers readers the same simple, nutrition-based plan that has changed the lives of his patients forever. In addition, Dr. Esselstyn provides more than 150 delicious recipes that he and his wife, Ann Crile Esselstyn, have enjoyed for years and used with their patients. Clearly written and backed by irrefutable scientific evidence, startling photos of angiograms, and inspiring personal stories, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease will empower readers to take charge of their heart health. It is a powerful call for a paradigm shift in heart-disease therapy.
Product Description
If you have heart disease, you know that beating this condition involves more than just taking medication or trying to eat healthier--it entails a complete lifestyle overhaul! This guide takes a contemporary medical and holistic approach to fighting the disease, and helps you make the changes that can mean the difference between life and death. This guide includes:
  • Information on how heart disease affects your body, and what medications, diets, and exercises effectively combat it
  • A specific focus on preventing heart disease in young adults and adolescents
  • Up-to-the-minute medical advice, stress-reduction techniques, and alternative therapies
  • 150 delicious, heart-healthy recipes
This book places power and control back into your hands, arming you with the knowledge and tools you need to fight back against heart disease and live a happier, healthier life.

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  1. Reenie: Mom of Marine Reenie: Mom of Marine says:
    What are proper foods or supplement to flush out cholesterol?
    I abhorrence the stuff. Please not oatmeal.
    Jason says:
    Fiber will flood out fat, which is what cholesterol is derived from, out of the digestive tract.
  1. Commendable viewing but no catalyst for forgetting cholesterol medication
    Now they talked about cooking and swapped recipes. She neglected to hint at cholesterol. Men tell cholesterol stories and swap blood-straight-shooting readings like old soldiers refighting the war. But cholesterol awareness is a hominoid of comparatively recent origin.
  2. Blood can be washed undefiled of cholesterol
    Patients at chance from heart disease can now benefit from a lifesaving make progress that launders dangerously high levels of cholesterol from their bloodstream. Lowering low-density lipoprotein (LDL) - so-called 'bad' cholesterol - is decisive for people with ...
  3. High Cholesterol May Be Markedly Bad for Middle-Aged Men
    "In waist age, our results suggest that high cholesterol is much more detrimental for men than for women, and that prevention and treatment of high cholesterol in midst-aged men have a great potential to reduce the likelihood of heart attacks among men ...

CDC - Blogs - Genomics and Form Impact Blog – Public Health ...

In September, 2013, I participated in the Universal Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) Summit  in Annapolis, Maryland. The anyway in the reality was sponsored by the FH Foundation , a patient-centered structuring formed in 2011 to raise awareness about the modify and to develop actions for saving lives of patients and families with FH.  The union brought together, from the...
Source: http://blogs.cdc.gov/genomics/2013/10/31/public-health-genomics/

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  1. Kindness disease striking the young in UAE
    The about showed that 31 per cent of this sample group had high cholesterol, an tie with number were suffering from diabetes and 20 per cent were tubby. The cardiologist said the usual suspects for this are promiscuous foods with high levels of salt and sugar
  2. Groundnut, method for healthier hearts, …
    Groundnuts are a high nimiety food. The satiety value of In synergy, these were accomplished to exert a beneficial influence on blood inducement through various means, including preventing hardening of blood vessels (atherosclerosis). Valuable in diabetes
  3. Daily Star Get Fit: Spark of life's a real treat
    For years we've been told to elude slathering layers of butter on our bread in peacefulness to prevent high cholesterol levels and safeguard our hearts. But now a top doctor has turned that view on its head, claiming that saturated fat in milk, butter and
  4. Diabetes program continuing in Huntsville
    “This program is modeled after the Partnership States National Institute of Health's diabetes prevention program, a jumbo multi-centre study, conducted in the '90s, that showed if people who are at high gamble for developing Type 2 diabetes lose five to seven
  5. For a few moments: Nov. 7
    Cardiac prevention program: A cardiac prevention program sponsored by Southcoast Vigorousness Systems will be held from 9 a.m. to noon Tuesday, Nov. 26, at borough hall. Free total cholesterol, blood sugar, blood distress and body mass index screening will be
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