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HeartSavior Cholesterol Supplement by New Health, 6 Powerful Cholesterol and Triglyceride Fighting Ingredients Plus 60 MG Co-Q10 (120 caps)

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HeartSavior Cholesterol Supplement by New Health, 6 Powerful Cholesterol and Triglyceride Fighting Ingredients Plus 60 MG Co-Q10 (120 caps) by New Health

  • PLANT STEROLS AND STANOLS - They reduce cholesterol absorption by...
  • EXCELLENT HEART SUPPLEMENT - CoQ10 is a mitochondrial energizer and...
  • SCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED - This product combines the power of plant...

Customer reviews
I walked out of the Drs office in a horrible mood and figured I'd be on pills for the ..., January 31, 2018
Here is an honest and truthful review. I've waited 2 months to review this product. In October of 2015 I had bloodwork done and discovered that my Cholesterol was at an insane 330. I cut out red meat and whole milk for about two years and thought...
This is some really good natural lowers, March 17, 2016
My doctor kept wanting to give me a statin. NO was my answer. I found this. My cholesterol went from almost 300 to 180 in 6 months. YOU DO HAVE TO TAKE FOUR A DAY. My husband thought well since my cholesterol went down he would cut me down until...
The proof is in the result, January 21, 2018
My wife discovered Heart Savior...lowered her cholesterol and triglycerides I tried it and after 3 months had the best readings of my adult life and was able to discontinue the prescription med. My adult son recently was diagnosed...
Product Description
Is New Health Heart Savior the right product to help maintain your cholesterol levels?

Heart Savior is a scientifically formulated, effective and natural alternative designed to help maintain cholesterol levels that are already in the normal range. This Doctor recommended product combines the power of plant phytosterols and plant stanols. This breakthrough product also includes policosanol, red yeast rice and other natural herbal ingredients.

Plus Co-Q10 was added, which is essential for a youthful heart muscle. Other ingredients are included to reduce inflammation of the arteries, build up of plaque deposits in the arteries, and helps lower C Reactive protein levels.
Cholesterol Lowering Supplement - Lower Triglycerides - Natural Sterol Complex - 60 Capsules

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Cholesterol Lowering Supplement - Lower Triglycerides - Natural Sterol Complex - 60 Capsules by Sigmaceutical

  • Natural High Cholesterol Lowering Product with Policosanol
  • All Natural Heart Savior with Plant Sterols, Garlic and Cayenne
  • eBook "30 Days To Lower Cholesterol" Supplement Pills & Diet Tips

Product Description

Cholesterol helps your body build new cells, insulate nerves, and produce hormones. Normally, the liver makes all the body needs. But too much cholesterol can cause heart disease

Studies show that Niacin can boost levels of good HDL cholesterol and lower triglycerides. Niacin also modestly lowers bad LDL cholesterol.

Policosanol can decrease cholesterol production in the liver and increase the breakdown of LDL (low-density lipoprotein or "bad") cholesterol. It also decreases the stickiness of particles in the blood known as platelets.

Guggul contains substances that lower cholesterol and triglycerides. Ayurvedic texts dating back to 600 BC recommend it for treating atherosclerosis.

Found in many sterol and stanol supplements, Beta-sitosterol is a plant substance similar to cholesterol. It helps to reduce cholesterol levels by limiting the amount of cholesterol that is able to enter the body. 

Cayenne can help increase the circulation of blood through the vessels by reducing the formation of plaques and preventing the buildup of clots. 

Garlic keeps individual cholesterol particles from sticking to artery walls. Garlic has been shown to lower both cholesterol levels and blood pressure. 

Prior to 2007, many Red Yeast Rice (RYR) supplements had monacolin k, its main bioactive ingredient.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined that red yeast rice products that contain more than trace amounts of monacolin K are unapproved new drugs and cannot be sold legally as dietary supplements.

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New cholesterol lowering statin alternative
New cholesterol lowering statin alternative
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Marks & Spencer launches new cholesterol-lowering super juice
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