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The Stem Cell Hope: How Stem Cell Medicine Can Change Our Lives


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The Stem Cell Hope: How Stem Cell Medicine Can Change Our Lives by Brand: Plume
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A landmark book by the senior science writer at Time magazine introduces us to a medical breakthrough that can save our lives. 

Few people know much about stem cell research beyond the ethical questions raised by using embryos. But in the last decade, stem cell research has made huge advances toward eliminating some of our most intractable diseases. Now this sweeping and accessible book introduces us to this cutting-edge science that will revolutionize medicine and change the way we think about and treat disease. 

Alice Park takes us from stem cell's controversial beginnings to the recent electrifying promise of being able to create the versatile cells without using embryos at all. She shows us how stem cells give researchers an unprecedented ability to study disease while giving patients the promise of replacing diseased cells with healthy new ones. And she profiles the scientists and leaders-many with their own compelling stories-who have fueled the quest and will continue to shape the field in years to come.
Product Description

This new volume provides a plethora of new information about potential medicinal herbs and their usefulness in treating diabetes and neurological diseases. Most large multinational companies are interested and engaged in the commercialization of herb-based formulations, and consumers continue to seek natural-based therapies.

Herbs for Diabetes and Neurological Disease Management provides insight into plant-based novel molecules targeted for diabetes and neurological disorders. It looks at a selection of herbs that have proven effective in the management of diabetes and neurological disorders, including migraine, epilepsy, memory disorders, depression, and more. Divided into ten chapters focusing on diabetes and its macro- and microvascular complications (migraine, epilepsy, memory disorders, depression and other neuropsychiatric disorders), this book is structured to provide a source of reliable information and enrich the knowledge of readers. Each chapter briefly explains the epidemiology and pathophysiology of the disease state and the possible role of herbal drugs in the prevention of the particular disease. The reported pharmacological activities and possible mechanism of action of herbal drugs are also discussed in detail, which makes this book informative and unique.

This new volume will be a reliable reference complementing the substantial information on the use of herbal drugs in diabetes and neurological disorders that serve as the pillars of drug discovery and development.

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  1. Junior Junior says:
    Reasons for the enlarge in teen obesity, Type 2 diabetes and the decrease in teen material fitness levels in?
    I went to google. 1) I destitution to write reasons on why teen obesity has in creased. 3) The cut-back in teen physical fitness levels in the past 10 years. 2) diabetes.
    syl c. says:
    The essential cause of teenage obesity is the kind of food that teenagers eat. It is a well enough known fact that teenagers love junk rations, but these foods are very rich in fats, oil and cholesterol.
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    Each day approximately 80 of those will be genre 1 diabetes, T1D, a chronic disease caused by the ... For the Maloneys, the technological advances over the final eight years have been welcome and encouraging. They’re now using smaller needles and bite ...
  2. Sitting at effort as hazardous as smoking?
    The guts is known to slow and the risk of developing prototype-2 diabetes skyrockets ... Luxuries and technological advancements have caused us to goose-step less and sit more.  “All of the sudden if you take that true view of this, you realise we ...
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    But that way of thinking doesn't factor in the burden to everyone else of paying for the diabetes tend, heart surgeries and other medical expenses incurred by portly people, noted John Cawley, a trim economist at Cornell University. "If I'm obese, the healthiness ...

Edifice Call: Type 2 Diabetes – Advancements in Management ...

With the rate of type 2 diabetes increasing at alarming rates, fortunately there has also been a considerable increase in advanced treatment options for the blight. We have gone from just two treatment class options in 1995 to currently more than ten treatment level options—with several more advancements being researched.
Source: http://myfox8.com/2012/11/09/house-call-type-2-diabetes-advancements-in-management-treatment/

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  1. Diabetes and alternative drug focus of health summit
    DUBAI // The 38th Arab Vigour forum will host three new conferences this year and will be the site of the Midriff East Diabetes Conference for the first time. The diabetes circumstance will allow experts to share information on advancements in treating the
  2. Myths About Diabetes
    The American Relationship of Diabetes Educators recommends patients select the shortest needle thinkable. Continued needle advancements can help ease the hesitation or solicitude that patients might feel about injecting. If you or a loved one is new to
  3. Bariatric surgery may hands send Type 2 diabetes into remission
    According to published reports, Dr. Newgard and Dr. Laferrere lay out to focus on the effect of amino acids in diabetes in their days research and are hopeful that their preliminary findings could even take to advancements in diabetes treatments. Rick
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    Q: What are some advancements that you upon the ACO to make now that it's in its second year? HT: I about we're For example, we have examined diabetes and have analyzed the bring in per provider to provide care for the patient for a year. We look at
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    Their effect line encompasses various diseases and conditions including tests for gastrointestinal/foodborne diseases, contagious diseases, diabetes, women's health, hormone levels and even some esoteric diseases. The POC fraction, which may hold
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