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Virtual Cycle Rides - Bike Through the French Alps - for indoor cycling, treadmill and running workouts

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Virtual Cycle Rides - Bike Through the French Alps - for indoor cycling, treadmill and running workouts

  • EXPLORE NEW AREAS: discover remote areas of the majestic French Alps
  • GREAT MOTIVATION TO WORKOUT: no more staring at the clock counting...
  • FOR A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: images of nature reduce anxiety and stress.

Product Description

GREAT MOTIVATION TO WORKOUT: no more staring at the clock counting minutes away. You will love exercising now.

BECOME FITTER THAN EVER: this DVD motivates you to train longer and more intense.

FOR A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: images of nature reduce anxiety and stress.

CLEAR YOUR MIND: not only for a great workout, but also to release stress.

EXPLORE NEW AREAS: discover remote areas of the majestic French Alps

Our customers:
Mr. Ed: "This concept is fabulous. And it works. I get so bored cycling going nowhere and I hoped this would take the boredom out of the exercise and it has. It's a simple concept but one that is really effective."

Mariopops: "So you want to get fit, you've got an exercise bike but you're bored solid just riding it to music or watching TV? Ok, so here's the answer."

Cycle ride 1: Provence 21:35
Discover beautiful Provence, a magical place with green hills, colourful trees and old mountain villages. Let the sounds of a running river and cowbells enhance this amazing experience.

Cycle ride 2: Push your limits 18:44
Push your limits with this fast cycle ride through the mountains and enjoy breath-taking views of snow covered mountain peaks against a clear blue sky.

Cycle ride 3: Sunny ride 21:25
Experience a relaxing ride through a green valley and imagine the warm sun on your face. As you go uphill you get some great views over the valley sparkling under a blue and golden sky.

Nature sounds
The videos are complemented by the sounds of nature, recorded on location.

High Quality HD Workout Video, Automatic Loop

This DVD is recorded with a gyro-stabilized HD camera system to create a real life experience.


Questions & answers

  1. m2hi2cu m2hi2cu says:
    How to start a subsidize raising bike ride?
    i was wondering how to start a reservoir raising bike ride for Diabetes. my aunt died 4 years ago due to complications with diabetes and i tenderness it would be nice to raise some money to donate to the diabetes association.
    Myself says:
    -Act in concert them in local shops and on trees. -Ask supermarkets/ groceries/ bakeries to contribute snacks, Gatorade, Juice, and water. -Either A) Ask family and friends to go to their.
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Changing Diabetes: A Pro Cycling Line-up with a Mission - Science ...

As the conspire trains for a future Tour de France,. This summer, top cycling teams from nearly the world tackled extreme terrain and excessive competition in the centennial Tour de France. The rallye, one of the most well-known in the sport, is a aim for many professional cycling teams—including an universal team of cyclists who all have Type 1 Diabetes.
Source: http://www.sciencebuddies.org/blog/2013/08/changing-diabetes-a-cycling-team-with-a-mission.php

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    Morgan Patton, a diabetic cyclist and Athens regional who helped run the junior development camp, said cycling is a inordinate sport for young people with diabetes to compete in because it can escape them manage the disease. “With Type 1 diatbetes and damaged 
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... > Dewitts participate in Indianapolis Diabetes Association Bike Ride
... > Dewitts participate in Indianapolis Diabetes Association Bike Ride