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Type 1 Diabetes Medical Alert ID Rubber Silicone Bracelet Black for Men and Women

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Type 1 Diabetes Medical Alert ID Rubber Silicone Bracelet Black for Men and Women by BAIYI

  • Completely waterproof can wear his movement: running, swimming and...
  • Organic silicone: good softness, very comfortable to wear....
  • We give exquisite boxes and emergency medical cards (see fig)....

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We launch this casual sports medical alert anti-allergen silicone bracelet to ensure comfort and can help you fall in love with sports. 

The physical condition should not stop you, you can do your favorite daily exercise. By wear a BAIYI medical ID bracelet, can quickly identify your condition.You do not have to worry about getting the proper care in an emergency.

You can also choose to customize the information, carving out more about your symptom. Stainless steel plate 1.5x0.43in, Allow 3 rows of custom engravings, each line can be 20 characters. 

Emergency medical card (see photo): This is to protect your privacy design. According to medical card tips, handwritten information. Place the card in the wallet. Size: 3.54X1.77in (business card size) 

Great item to carry with you at all times, give to care takers, teachers, ICE family members with your medical information, and baby sitters

They provide great medical warning bracelets for children and adults.The "life star" medical warning signs are easily recognized worldwide to provide advice on existing medical conditions.

"TYPE 1 DIABETIC INSULIN DEPENDENT" Medical Alert ID Silicone Bracelet Wristbands 4 Pack

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"TYPE 1 DIABETIC INSULIN DEPENDENT" Medical Alert ID Silicone Bracelet Wristbands 4 Pack by Max Petals

  • EASY TO KEEP CLEAN and durable enough for years of active wear,...
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Click the 'Add to Cart' button.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT · 8" Circumference · 2-1/2" Diameter · Adult Size ·...

Product Description
- Medical Alert Symbol and 'TYPE 1 DIABETIC INSULIN DEPENDENT'
- Thick High Quality Silicone Bands filled with contrasting color to make message stand out.
- Durable Inexpensive Alternative to regular Medical ID Bracelets
- Money saving 4 pack with Black, Blue, Grey and White bracelets. See images above.

Questions & answers

  1. Art Art says:
    Why can you abut ROTC with diabetes but not the army?
    but isn't that type of the point, potentially. Or is it more for like officer training. It's the formality officer training corps. My co-worker's in it. He says he'll on no account get sent overseas (and points to his diabetes bracelet).
    Sandra M says:
    Your co-hand must be in junior rotc. You cannot get a commission with diabetes. If he has a diabetes bracelet, he is insulin dependent and.
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Pura Vida Supports The Babyish Diabetes Research Foundation ...

We have sold thousands of these bracelets and will on to spread the word about this important cause. Today is another Considerateness Spotlight on the blog and we thought it would be perfect to highlight one of our most conventional bracelets. Our JDRF Awareness Bracelet is one of our first and unprecedented charity collection bracelets.
Source: http://puravidabracelets.com/blog/2013/04/22/pura-vida-supports-the-juvenile-diabetes-research-foundation/

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Diabetes Bracelet
Diabetes Bracelet
diabetes alert bracelets for women
diabetes alert bracelets for women
Diabetes Bracelet - reviews and photos.
Diabetes Bracelet - reviews and photos.