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In this day and age, life-threatening diseases can be prevented and chronic diseases alleviated if people would avoid those cheap blood pressure medications such as Thiazide Diuretics (Hydrochlorothiazide), Loop Diuretics, and Ergot Alkaloid Drugs (Ergotamine). I will get to Ergot Alkaloid Drugs in Chapter 4. But for now, I want to talk about Thiazide Diuretics (Hydrochlorothiazide) because these cheap blood pressure medications are first-line meds given to Blacks, Low income Whites, Hispanics, South Pacific Islanders, People of color all over the world, and American Indians, for high blood pressure; which is why these groups account for the greatest number of NOD (New Onset Diabetes) cases in the US & across the world? Hydrochlorothizides (water pills) cause Type 2 Diabetes, as well as, Statins. There are alternatives for high blood pressure such as: Co Q-10 taken with a tablespon of Olive Oil, etc.

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  1. Serious Serious says:
    What are the greatest ways to deal with gangrene besides amputation?
    What are some well-proportioned alternatives for diabetes-based foot gangrene if the weak ointment that the doctor gives isn't working.
    Tin S says:
    Gangrene is past or necrotic tissue and it is usually followed by infection. Gangrene develops when the blood outfit to an affected part is cut off because of various factors including infection,.
  1. THE Oracle GROUP LLC Announces that Mary L. Yost, President, will Philippic on the Prevalence and Cost of Peripheral Artery Murrain (PAD) at New Advances in Cardiovascular and ...
    Diabetes and age are significant imperil factors for PAD ... In the severe stages of PAD, uncertain limb ischemia blood flow is so defective that ulcerations and gangrene occur significantly increasing the risks of limb demise and mortality.
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  3. Diabetes mellitus; warning sign check list, complications ( IV) Edtd
    diabetic patients who smoke are at a individual risk of developing end arteritis obliterans (obliteration of end arteries) customarily followed by gangrene patient has had diabetes for over 10years and control of blood sugar has been quaint, despite good ...

A multistep movement to manage Fournier's gangrene in a patient ...

We dispatch a case of Fournier’s gangrene in a. Introduction Fournier’s gangrene is an transmissible necrotizing fasciitis of the perineum and genital regions and has a maximum mortality rate.
Source: http://www.jmedicalcasereports.com/content/7/1/1

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  1. After coyote strike, dog gets artificial limb
    Much of the assembly's business is from diabetic patients who must have their feet or legs amputated to escape gangrene caused by poor circulation. In fact, most of their duty involves the legs, feet and toes. "Out in the Midwest, where husbandry is a
  2. India.Com Health Diabetic foot: Causes, treatment and anguish
    Damage to blood vessels and decrease of the immune system from diabetes makes it difficult to renew these wounds. Bacterial infection of the skin, connective tissues, muscles, and bones can then become manifest. These infections can develop into gangrene
  3. Ability to spare - Herald Journal
    In 2003, however, a involvement from diabetes nearly made him give up his hobby altogether. “I had an infection on the tuchis of my foot. Gangrene set in and they had to take it,” he recalled. Schmidt wasn't gifted to bowl for the next couple of years
  4. THE Intelligent GROUP LLC Announces that Mary L. Yost, President, will Reprimand on ...
    Developed by THE SAGE Company, the Diabetes Method, a population-based projection representation, estimates the number of people with PAD as well as uncertain limb ischemia (CLI), intermittent claudication (IC) and asymptomatic illness. PAD estimates are based on
  5. The New Indian Express Tackling inveterate conditions, naturally!
    From a foetus with juvenile diabetes to two gentlemen over 80 whose feet were afflicted by gangrene – he has seen patients who had teeny hope of recovery, “Most of my patients come to me only when they have tried diversified streams of medicine, when
Diabetic gangrene = الموات السكري
Diabetic gangrene = الموات السكري
Gangrene In Diabetes
Gangrene In Diabetes
Diabetic gangrene = الموات السكري
Diabetic gangrene = الموات السكري
Diabetic gangrene = الموات السكري
Diabetic gangrene = الموات السكري