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Gum Disease (Gingivitis)
Gum infection is seen very commonly in a family doctor clinic even though it is under the domain of dental surgeons
Sometimes it is because of poorly constructed dentures or dentures which has become loose or too tight.
There is usually pain and swelling of the gum.
Many patients prefer to seek the help of family doctors than the dental surgeons because of their trust in family doctors and the higher cost of dental surgeons.
Gum Disease (Gingivitis) is an acute dental disorder which produces inflammation and infection of the gums with redness, swelling and bleeding.
Gingivitis is a variety of periodontal disease.
Periodontal disorder is inflammation and infection that damages the tissues that prop up the teeth.
This may be the gums, the periodontal ligaments, and the tooth sockets.
Dependent on the seriousness, gum disease is normally classified into two types - gingivitis and periodontitis.

Most cases of gingivitis are produced by plaque.
This is then termed plaque-linked gingivitis.

Periodontitis is literally the inflammation around the tooth.
It happens if gingivitis is worsened and continues to affect the tissue that connects the teeth to the gums (the periodontium), and the supporting bone.
As a result of periodontitis, a gap (pocket) widens between the tooth and gum.
If left not treated, the tooth may slowly become loose and ultimately drop out.
Dentists evaluate the seriousness of periodontitis by evaluating the depth of the pockets that occur between the gum and tooth.
Plaque can be eradicated from shallow pockets (up to about 3 mm deep) by brushing and clean-up teeth in a normal way.
Deeper pockets require to be treated by a dentist, as normal tooth brushing and cleaning will not get to the bottom of the pocket.
Plaque if not removed becomes a hard deposit called tartar.
Gingivitis occurs because of the long-term results of plaque deposits on the teeth.
Plaque is a sticky substance made of bacteria, mucus, and food debris that form on the exposed parts of the teeth.
Plaque is also a main source of tooth decay.
If the patient does not get rid of plaque, it becomes a hard deposit called tartar (or calculus) that becomes caught at the base of the tooth.
Plaque and tartar aggravate and agitate the gums.
1. Certain infections and body-wide (systemic) disorders
2. Poor dental hygiene
3. Smoking
4. Pregnancy (hormonal changes raise the sensitivity of the gums)
5. Unregulated diabetes
6. Misaligned teeth, rough edges of fillings, and ill-fitting or unclean mouth appliances (such as braces, dentures, bridges, and crowns)
7. Usage of certain medicines, such as phenytoin, and some birth control pills
Symptoms of gingivitis are:
1. Pain in the gums
2. Bleeding gums
3. Red swollen inflamed gums around neck of teeth
4. Swelling of papilla between teeth
5. Gum boils or abscesses in the gums
In some patients, symptoms form and may be:
1. Bad breath (halitosis).
2. A foul taste in the mouth.
3. Some pus development in small pockets between the teeth and gums.
Diagnosis is based on:
1. Symptoms and signs of red, swollen and inflamed gums
2. Blood tests (full blood count, ESR and blood culture)
3. X-rays of teeth
Regular oral hygiene that requires brushing the teeth with a power brush and flossing or using inter-dental brushes is the best treatment.
7. Antibiotics dependent on the organism cultured:
a. Mostly streptococci, staphylococci, hemophilus
i. Cephalosporin,
ii. Penicillin,
b. Pseudomonas
i. Cephalosporin
In surgical treatment a dentist may clear a pocket next to a tooth with infection
Scaling: removal of calculus from above & below the gum line
Polishing: removal of plaque and stains
Root Planing: remove tough calculus deposits
A beautiful smile begins with healthy gums
Chapter 1 Gum Disease (Gingivitis)
Chapter 2 Causes
Chapter 3 Symptoms
Chapter 4 Diagnosis
Chapter 5 Treatm
Vamalore, Natural Herbal for Oral Hygiene, Gum Disease, Gingivitis, Periodontal. Suitable for People with Diabetes and Thyroid
Vamalore, Natural Herbal for Oral Hygiene, Gum Disease, Gingivitis, Periodontal. Suitable for People with Diabetes and Thyroid

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Product Description
VAMALORE antiseptic,anti-inflammatory,anti-microbial,calmative,germicide,anti-fungal,hemostatic,anesthetic,analgetic for oral problems.__ Vamalore is the natural solution for the treatment of inflammation and sores in the mouth. Vamalore is a PATENTED product and has been manufactured in order to create a membrane with its placement which isolates the area from the oral environment while its simultaneously gives the possibility to the natural ingredients that contains, to relax the region and to fortify the mucosa with their properties. In this way, the natural components can act effectively to fight: Aphtes Gingivitis Periodontitis & Periodontal Fistulas Extractions Dry socket Irritation from whitening Bleeding gums Tightening the gum Oral disease Wounds from dentures Wounds from Orthodontic Treatments Pain Glossitis Stomatitis Inflammation All kind of sores Above sutures and implants After all kinds of surgeries In everyday dental practice vamalore can be used with a syringe on the gums & in every surgical and periodontal procedure Vamalore is suitable for people with Diabetes and Thyroid and those who follow Homeopathic Treatment. Use Vamalore is applied with a cotton swab or a brush in the infected area ,2 to 3 times daily preferably before eating, after drying the area as good as possible. The implementation and the frequency can vary depending on the advice of your doctor or pharmacist. Size 5 ml

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  1. hihihi hihihi says:
    Is there anyway for your doctor to learn of diabetes at a physical without knowing?
    Just wondering. If someone were to go get a rational routine physical at the doctors would he without checking for it, come across diabetes, if he didnt extract urine.
    Bolt says:
    Yes, it is realizable. A physical exam might reveal physical signs commonly related to diabetes, such as darkened areas of the skin (back of neck, armpits, knees, knuckles, etc) recurring infections,.
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    HIV-infected children have indicators in the verbal cavity which could be the first clinical sign of the infection ... conformation of gum disease in children could be an early sign of contagion elsewhere in the body. In juvenile onset or Classification 1 diabetes there ...

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Do you have red, grievous gums that occasionally bleed when you brush your teeth. Most people get gingivitis at some decimal point in their lives, and mild symptoms make it restful to overlook. If so, you may have gingivitis — the mildest form of gum disease. Keeping teeth and gums shape can help prevent periodontitis, a severe kind of gum disease that can.
Source: http://www.skanedmd.com/2013/07/11/gingivitis-get-serious-about-sore-gums/

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of diabetic gingivitis erythematous and hyperplastic gingivitis ...
of diabetic gingivitis erythematous and hyperplastic gingivitis ...
Un mal control de la diabetes provoca una inflamación de las encías ...
Un mal control de la diabetes provoca una inflamación de las encías ...