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  1. icegypsy1 icegypsy1 says:
    Can a promptly technician do a pedicure for a patient with diabetis?
    Are diabetics only gifted to go to the podiatrist. no diabetic foot care. I work in geriatric be attracted to and as a certified nurse's aide we cannot do pedicures on diabetics.
    Cammie says:
    One who is certified will have knowledge of how to treat you feet. A podiatrist is not going to groom your nails and feet and interview polish. Always tell your nail technician you have diabetes.

The Everyday Beauty: Margaret Dabbs Podiatry & Medical Pedicure

I’ve been delightful my poor high-heel. I was absolutely thrilled with the results, but what at the end of the day surprised me was how few people knew about the existence of medical pedicures.  Of passage, the French know all about the pedicure medicale, but here in the UK. Not so much.

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daisy pedicure perrynapoleon becauseofhisdiabeteseverybodysafraidtotakecareofhisfeetforhim
wednesday 13 june 07
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Ahalia Diabetes Hospital
Ahalia Diabetes Hospital
aangesloten bij het kwaliteitsregister van pedicures en ruim 30 jaar
aangesloten bij het kwaliteitsregister van pedicures en ruim 30 jaar