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  1. sj sj says:
    Do people who have diabetes pee in bantam amounts?
    Is that factual. I heard that the people who have diabetes pee often, but in small amounts.
    GEEGEE says:
    I'm diabetic and attended a 3 day seminar at the medical centre a few yrs ago, and have done lots of reading. The often part yes- if they are unwell controlled, but the small amounts part, not that I've.
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Peeing a lot...receive it or seek help? - Diabetes Daily

Hi there, I'm insulin impenetrable to but last check a few weeks ago showed my blood glucose levels were holding their own whilst insulin was pongy chief. I'm going to the gym every day and all was well till a connect of days I started wanting to pee every 30 mins or so. I'm presuming this is representative of of pre-diabetes and I'm wondering.
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Signs Diabetes | Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Clinic
Signs Diabetes | Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Clinic
urinate a lot and some blood
urinate a lot and some blood
... birthday i started peeing a lot a lot like i was drinking four 2 liter
... birthday i started peeing a lot a lot like i was drinking four 2 liter