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Book by McDonagh, E. W.
SOK Women's Poor Circulation Loose Low Compression dark brown socks 5 pairs sizes: 6.5 - 9
SOK Women's Poor Circulation Loose Low Compression dark brown socks 5 pairs sizes: 6.5 - 9 by SOK

  • Composition provides comfortable wear: cotton gives the comfort and...
  • Seamless toe closure
  • Low compression, poor circulation, diabetic socks, specific cuff...

Product Description
Low compression, poor circulation diabetic socks - 5 pairs of very comfortable, thin loose socks, do not leave huge mark on your ankle. These socks have lower compression than the regular compression socks, they are more gentle, that is why the name "LOW COMPRESSION".

Do you stand all day at work? Need a soft pair of socks that will not lower your circulation? Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? Or you just tired of deep marks on your ankles?
These high quality European socks are designed for special needs. They are a lot less constricting than ordinary socks, free from creases and pressure marks, offering an effective and safe environment for your feet.

Made with: 80% cotton, 20% polyamide.


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  1. ~ke$ha tiK toK~ tildes~ ~ke$ha tiK toK~ tildes~ says:
    What causes my fingers and toes to tingle so much?
    My fingers and toes are CONSTANTLY tingling. Does anybody be acquainted with. it's very annoying and makes sleeping very demanding. I've heard lots of things: that it's caused by diabetes, poor circulation, anemia, carpal burrow, etc.
    Digital Morphine says:
    If it continues you may dearth to see a doctor to make sure your not. It sounds like poor circulation but it may be a edition of other things like too much caffeine and POOR EATING HABITS (help,hint).
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In-Probingly. Diabetes. | Disability Magazine | Able Munitions dump

In to be sure, it isn’t just one condition but. Estimates vary on the prevalence of diabetes in the UK. Be that as it may, the numbers are serious and the amount of money finished on diabetes from the NHS budget means that it’s a condition that needs to be carefully discussed.
Source: http://ablemagazine.co.uk/in-depth-diabetes/

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Diabetes- poor circulation and peripheral neuropathy
Diabetes- poor circulation and peripheral neuropathy
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