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Service Dog Collar - Small (Red, Small)
Service Dog Collar - Small (Red, Small) by barkOutfitters

  • Made in the USA
  • Fully Adjustable from 9 to 14 inches, please measure your dog...
  • Durable and Washable

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Product Description
Adjustable 3/4 Inch Wide Quick-Klip Service Dog Collar is easier than a buckle on your fingers because of its interlocking, spring-action closure. Based on same design as U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket closures. Locks and unlocks easily, but ONLY when you want it to. This collar is specially designed to help you identify your service dog to others. And we all know that the more identification your service dog has the less hassles you receive. "Service Dog" is boldly woven into the collar that won't flake off. Size: Adjustable and 3/4" wide
barkOutfitters Service Dog Vest Harness + 50 FREE ADA Info Cards Kit (Red, (26" - 34") Girth
barkOutfitters Service Dog Vest Harness + 50 FREE ADA Info Cards Kit (Red, (26" - 34") Girth by barkOutfitters

  • Built-in handle on top for control and training. Stainless Steel...
  • 50 Business Card Size ADA Info Cards That State Your Rights And The...
  • Neoprene Inner Lining Reduces Abrasion for Your Dog's Comfort

Product Description

The Secret To a Hassle-Free Experience With Your Service Dog

Every Service Dog owner knows how frustrating it is when people question your partner.

How Will This Durable Vest Solve Your Problem?

Properly identifying your Service Dog with this professional looking vest will often stop Hassles before they start. People see the vest and that your partner is not just a pet.

What Can Expect From This Product?

- Removable chest plate

- Removable / Interchangeable Reflective Hook and Loop Service Dog Vest Patches

- Easy to grab handle

- Reflective chest strap and trim

- Durable and breathable fabric

- Fast drying after water activities

- Comfortable neoprene lining eliminates chaffing

Bonus - A $9.99 Value FREE

If you order right now you'll receive 50 ADA Info Cards FREE

- Service Dog ADA Info Cards state your legal rights

- Cards explain legal penalties for not complying

- Give them to people that don't know your rights which allow you to bring your dog anywhere

- States the only two questions businesses may ask about your Service Dog

- States what businesses may not do or ask

- Toll-Free Number to the Department of Justice

- Proudly made in the USA

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Questions & answers

  1. JosieMarieTumblerxoxo JosieMarieTumblerxoxo says:
    Is 4 months too old to guide a diabetes service dog?
    I have a 4 month old Basset Harry puppy. I'm 14 and I have type 1 diabetes. I was wondering if 4 months is too old to prepare him to be a diabetes service dog.
    Cheriepie says:
    4 months is unquestionably not too old, but I would have more worries about his breed. Yes, bassetts are good scenters, but a diabetes on the ball dog also needs intensive obedience training and bassetts.
  1. Circa PLYMOUTH
    Apologetic, no dogs allowed in the nature preserve ... 1-3 p.m. Unearthing: United Home Health Services, 2200 Canton Center, Retainers 250 in Canton Details: United Conversant with Health Services offers free counseling with a certified MMAP (Medicare Medicaid ...
  2. Kathleen Pease
    We also can't off out the dog she never thought she wanted ... secretary for a Justness of the Peace and then retired after 20 years from the U.S. Postal Service as a rustic mail carrier. Her life was filled with kinfolk activities, never missing a school ...
  3. Ulster County The long arm of the law Chiefs Association to bestow annual awards
    Honourable Police Service — Team Unit Kingston Oversee Department Special ... Ruderfer, who was with his the Old Bill dog, Lane, pulled over a vehicle on U.S. Route 9W in the metropolis of Lloyd on March 7, 2012, when another vehicle stopped behind ...

Teens Chart Fundraiser to Help Boy Get Diabetic Alert Dog | Entity With ...

Thanks to a column in the municipal newspaper, a boy might be able to get a diabetic alert dog.   Annapolis Compass Christian School seniors Cory Owens and Ryan Keyton came across an article about under age Dylan Meacham, who has type 1 diabetes and could use the help of an lively dog, and decided they wanted to help him accomplish his aspiration.
Source: http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2013/04/teens-plan-fundraiser-to-help-boy-get-diabetic-alert-dog/

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  1. The Nose Knows: Diabetics benefitting from the susceptible nose of service dogs
    Being became incredibly lonely for Lindsey Quinet-Posey. The whole seemed to be out of control, including her body. What made it worse was that everyone had an id. Everyone thought they knew better than she did about how she should safe keeping for herself.
  2. Pasadena: Teens map out walk to help boy get diabetic alert dog
    A diabetic spry service dog is trained to signal an alert when his charge's sugar levels are too low or too peak. This would be especially helpful in the middle of the night when his levels can dab dangerously low while everybody sleeps. The cost for
  3. Service dog helps Owner Academy teacher monitor her diabetes
    As Sovereign Academy music teacher Kenzie Turk talked about the trials of living with Class 1 diabetes, her service dog, Bear, lay nearby, drifting in and out of a deep nap. Dozing in class isn't usually satisfying at the public charter school in Glen
  4. Service dogs impart a helping paw - The Times
    Unquestionable canine breeds can be trained for a myriad of duties — seizing, migraine and diabetes alert, seizure response, compare and mobility difficulties and those diagnosed with autism, diabetes, narcolepsy and psychiatric disorders like Chore Traumatic
  5. Charlotte Observer New one's own flesh dog is no ordinary pooch
    Signal, a pitch-black Lab born six months ago, is a service dog for Hannah Self, 10. Hannah isn't visually or hearing impaired. She doesn't suffer from seizures. She's a Paradigm 1 diabetic. That means constant testing of her blood sugar levels can run
What is a Diabetic Service Dog? | Bill Pereira (208) 788-3680
What is a Diabetic Service Dog? | Bill Pereira (208) 788-3680
Diabetes Service Dog
Diabetes Service Dog
dog diabetes
dog diabetes
Diabetes service dog saves owner's life - CBS News Video
Diabetes service dog saves owner's life - CBS News Video