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NEW PRIMA 2 IN 1 Total CHOLESTEROL & TRIGLYCERIDES, COMPLETE TEST METER KIT. FDA and CE APPROVED! PRIMA 2IN1 Self-Testing Kit is a new dual function highly accurate and simple to use diagnostic device, developed to execute measurements for Total cholesterol and triglycerides in the comfort of your home. PRIMA 2IN1 Self-Testing Kit gives you the possibility to check and monitor your Personal Cardiovascular Risk using just one testing device. PRIMA 2IN1 is a new unique dual function test meter kit which uses REFLECTOMETRIC technology to monitor your Total cholesterol and triglycerides. The meter gives results in about 30 seconds.The meter switches on automatically when the test strip is inserted, The meter uses a large display for easy reading. The system remains clean and hygienic because it uses the strip ejector which removes the old test strip.The meter has a memory capacity of 500 measurements with date and time display. Measuring range: Cholesterol 3.3-10.2 mmol/L (130-400 mg/dL) Triglycerides 0.56 - 5.6 mmol/L (50-500 mg/dL) Power source 2 Lithium button cells, type CR2032, approx. life time 1000 measurements. Optionally it is possible to connect the reader to a PC, downloading and managing the results. Dimensions: 97 mm x 49 mm x 20.5 mm. Weight 65 g (incl. battery). KIT CONTENTS: 1 Prima Test Meter, 5 pcs. Cholesterol test strips + Data-chip, 5 pcs. Triglycerides test strips + Data-chip, 1 Lancet device, 25 pcs. sterile Lancets, Instruction Manual. (English) 1 carry case. 2 Batteries.CR2032 (Included inside the meter) MADE IN ITALY.
CardioChek Cholesterol Test Strips 6 ct.
CardioChek Cholesterol Test Strips 6 ct. by BioScanner

  • CardioChek Cholesterol analyzer required (sold seperately)
  • User friendly and feature rich, combining intelligent design with...
  • Designed to make testing easy and extremely accurate

Product Description
It is designed to make testing easy and extremely accurate. CardioChek whole blood test systems, by Polymer Technology Systems, are user friendly and feature rich, combining intelligent design with cutting edge technology. It measures total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol check total, triglycerides in whole blood. Lipid measurements are used in the diagnosis and treatment of lipoprotein metabolism and lipids disorders (such as diabetes mellitus). Atherosclerosis and various renal and liver diseases. Aprox 2 minute test time. stable 18-24 months. No refrigeration required. CardioChek Cholesterol analyzer required (sold seperately).

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  1. Sugar_Mama Sugar_Mama says:
    Why are there diverse ways of calculating your Total Cholesterol?
    HDL + LDL + (Triglyceride *. However, on my keep on blood test, my HDL + LDL was 10 points lower than my amount cholesterol. My sister says your total cholesterol should be your HDL + LDL.
    Radagast97 says:
    Cholesterol is transported by lipoproteins. LDL (low-density lipoproteins) and HDL (outrageous-density lipoprotiens) are the lipoprotiens.
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    A University of Iowa researcher has developed an easier method of measuring the stiffness of the aorta using the throbbing in a finger — a tool that could potentially be included in plan doctor’s visits to determine risks for determination disease.
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Discordance of Non-HDL and Soon Measured LDL Cholesterol ...

64 had a split second assessment after 4 to 6 weeks, resulting in 145 triads of C-LDL, D-LDL, and N-HDL. To immediately compare N-HDL to D-LDL and C-LDL, we normalized the N-HDL by subtracting 30 from the N-HDL (N-HDL ). Correlation.

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  1. Naked new test could detect risk for heart disparage
    While aortic stiffness increases with age, it also can be a substantial predictor of the risks of developing heart criticize and stroke, similar to blood pressure or cholesterol measurements, he said. The UI research aimed to descry a quick and easy way to
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    Paradigm cholesterol measurement reveals your total cholesterol level broken down by LDL (bad cholesterol), HDL (righteous cholesterol) and triglycerides. LDL elevation, which is linked in part to saturated fat intake, is only one quintessence of cholesterol problem.
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Home » ACCUTREND CHOLESTEROL 25 Films for Cholesterol Measurement
Cholesterol Measurement
Cholesterol Measurement
Cholesterol Measurement: Test Accuracy and Factors That Influence ...
Cholesterol Measurement: Test Accuracy and Factors That Influence ...