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Wish I had it sooner and saved a life, March 31, 2014
“What really appalled me upon reading this book isn’t the revelation, it brings but the fact that I have been so blind! So blind! I lost my mother 2 years ago because of an unexplained heart attack. I never really understood what happened to her...
A guidebook, a textbook and an action plan at the same time, March 28, 2014
“I’m a health researcher myself and I must say this book is based only on a foundation of years and years of thorough research and genuine concern. Although my focus isn’t on heart disease itself, I have a keen interest in cardiovascular diseases...
Three simple steps that could save your heart, March 25, 2014
“I never really thought I’d get so much from this book. I mean, I’m basically a heart disease patient for more than a year now. I’ve sought help like from anywhere in any way I can but no other book has ever helped me this much. A year ago, I was...
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Do you feel that you're not getting any better despite being on statins? Are you or is anyone in your family a patient of heart disease and are you paying so much on cholesterol lowering drugs? Do you want an alternative medication that actually works for heart disease?

If you answered any of these questions with a yes, then "7 Ways to Naturally Beat Heart Disease" by Robert Fleischer is for you. You are not alone in your fight against high cholesterol; millions of Americans today are on statins, and although only very few realize it, these consumers are actually not achieving positive results. "7 Ways to Naturally Beat Heart Disease" is the perfect guidebook for disappointed heart disease patients and misled consumers.

Robert Fleischer, a renowned health and nutrition researcher, imparts to us a revolutionary breakthrough on cholesterol and heart disease. Read on and discover how you have been a part of a blinded crowd and how you can get out of this deception.

Fleischer's "7 Ways to Naturally Beat Heart Disease" provides a profound discussion on:

  • Heart disease: signs and symptoms
  • The real deal about cholesterol
  • "Role" of cholesterol in heart disease
  • Inflammation as the real enemy
  • The great cholesterol conspiracy
  • Statins: the greatest medical fraud
  • The side-effects of statin drugs
  • Complete list of statin drugs
  • Natural ways of treating/preventing heart disease
  • Herbal remedies for heart disease
  • Diet and exercise ideas to help you through

There's no better way to defeat heart disease than by understanding the reality behind the disease. Step out of the dark and abandon the deception pool! Stop spending so much on "medicine" that isn't really making your condition any better. Instead, start investing your time on changing your lifestyle. Embark on a new healing journey now! Let "7 Ways to Naturally Beat Heart Disease" help you through it all. Give this book a try and experience a significant change! Scroll up and click "Buy Now" and rest assured the book is worth every penny!

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Human physiology teaches that the body controls levels of circulating cholesterol by its own processes rather than reacting to dietary intake. A diagnosis of high blood cholesterol is important as an indication of cerebrovascular risk. However, total cholesterol is now known to be only part of a profile of risks associated with cholesterol and triglycerides. The development of this knowledge is described in this book. A small team of international authorities analyses the role of dietary intake. The authors also respond to questions asked by participants at the meeting in order to suggest for whom and how far the consumption of cholesterol-containing foods remains crucial and how diagnosis of raised cholesterol fits into preventive medicine and management.

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  1. says:
    What are some nutrition myths to debunk for children?
    Making a test/measurement. What are some nutrition myths to debunk for children.
    Cindy in Texas says:
    The tie-up between saturated fats and heart health was based on unsound science & has been disproven. Dietary fat, whether saturated or not, is not a cause of grossness, heart disease, or any other.
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In Aristotelianism entelechy, the accelerated arterial damage is likely to. They ascribed this to an essentially of the high levels of cholesterol circulating in the blood.

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myth 3 potato chips contain cholesterol dietary cholesterol comes only ...
myth 3 potato chips contain cholesterol dietary cholesterol comes only ...
myth 3 potato chips contain cholesterol dietary cholesterol comes only ...
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Myth #2: You Shouldn’t Eat Shrimp [and Other High-Cholesterol Foods ...
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Myth Buster #3 Myth: The cholesterol in eggs is bad for you. Fact: One ...