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"Tens of Thousands are Dying and Suffering Regularly for Being Clueless about Cholesterol and the Myths Being Perpetrated"

Suffering from unhealthy or high cholesterol levels? In the USA alone, nearly a hundred million are suffering from uncontrolled, high cholesterol.

The thing is, the average person can't distinguish cholesterol myth from facts. They may even be over dependent on dangerous Statin drugs along with their side effects. They undermine the value of other treatment modalities to manage cholesterol.

High cholesterol levels are poor predictors for a heart attack. This means we have to have better clarity in understanding what cholesterol truly is. It's not a simple manner of just eliminating cholesterol from our diets.

There are good and bad cholesterol! There are a countless number of ways to manage one's cholesterol levels and that is what we will be exploring today, in depth. Along with conventional medications? You're going to learn how to lower cholesterol naturally through overall lifestyle changes such as exercise, diets, knowing which foods lower cholesterol and which foods to avoid completely.

The bottom line is after you've read this book? You'll have the ability to take full charge of your health, control your cholesterol levels and be protected for life!

Here's a preview of what you'll learn:

  • Chapter 1: Getting to know cholesterol
  • How much do you know about cholesterol?
  • What are low-density and high-density lipoproteins?
  • Your liver and cholesterol
  • Is there such a thing as good cholesterol?
  • Is bad cholesterol really bad?
  • Reasons why you need cholesterol in your body
  • Serious health conditions associated with high cholesterol levels
  • Assessing your risks
  • Knowing the numbers
  • Other risk factors to note
  • Physical tests to determine cholesterol levels
  • Chapter 2: Eat and live your way to better health
  • How fit should you be?
  • Making lifestyle changes: it’s easier than you think
  • Count the calories
  • Make sure you get adequate vitamins and minerals
  • Come up with a scrumptious menu
  • Stay positive and proactive
  • Sweat it out!
  • Calories and exercise
  • How hard should you be exercising?
  • Kickstarting your road to better health and fitness
  • What makes a good fitness program?
  • Ditching your vices for longer life
  • Chapter 3: Knowing your partners in fighting cholesterol
  • What you should know about supplements
  • Essential vitamins and nutrients for lowering cholesterol
  • Prescription medications and their side effects
  • Your Top 10 go-to websites for tips
  • Chapter 4: Myth busters
  • Chapter 5: Food is life

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Product Description

Cholesterol Lowering Guide To How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally And Reduce High Cholesterol With Cholesterol Lowering Strategies To Lower Cholesterol And Maintain Lower Cholesterol

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You’re about to discover what you need to know to lower your cholesterol naturally in an easy to understand format. This book was written to help all those afflicted with high cholesterol bring their cholesterol levels down naturally and improve their overall heart health. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to use all-natural methods to keep your cholesterol levels healthy. Many people are very much aware of the danger of cholesterol, yet they simply do not know what to do about it. Maybe you don’t know exactly what cholesterol is and when it becomes a danger. Maybe you don’t realize how important it is to start early when it comes to paying attention to your cholesterol. Or maybe you might not want to resort to medication, because of the fear of taking something that isn’t natural. Well, it’s a good thing you’ve come across this book. Everything you need to know to treat cholesterol naturally is right here. Not only will this book make you finally understand a concept that may have been eluding you for quite a while, it will also take you by the hand and give you all the information you need in order to lower your cholesterol the natural way. I wish you all the success in the world as you take these positive steps in lowering your cholesterol levels and improving your overall heart health. Remember... you can lower your cholesterol naturally and live a healthier life and this book will help you do it!

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • What Exactly is Cholesterol?
  • When Does Cholesterol Become Harmful?
  • Knowing the Difference Between Good and Bad Cholesterol
  • The Importance Of Changing Your Lifestyle Not Just Your Diet
  • Foods You Should Cut Back On in Your Diet
  • Foods You Should Add to Your Diet
  • And So Much More!

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The lowering of high cholesterol involves lifestyle changes that are at bottom easy to start, but hard to follow from one end to the other.  Before we start, however, you need to know that there are actually two types of cholesterol: bad cholesterol and honest.

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