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Cholesterol For Beginners: Discover Now How Easy It Is To Lower Your Cholesterol in Less Than 4 Weeks Without Drugs

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Cholesterol is a fatty substance which is not soluble in water and therefore isn’t found normally in our blood being insoluble in it. They are transported through the bloodstream with lipoproteins which act as a carrier.
Even if the bad cholesterol is naturally present within a human body, the concentration of this can increase exponentially by the food that we eat. Food which are high in cholesterol, saturates and trans fat are the major contributors to the increased HDL in our blood. Foods like read meat, liver meat, egg yolks, deep fried food, peanuts, food made with certain oils such as palm oil and coconut oil and chocolates.
High cholesterol doesn’t have specific symptoms and may be invisible unless you do regular cholesterol checks. The symptom for this is a stroke or a heart attack which may prove fatal the first time only. Therefore we need to keep cholesterol on check so that we don’t suffer from these problems.
The diet being the major contributor to the high cholesterol should be regulated so as to remain healthy.

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  • Foods Allowed
  • Foods That Should Be Avoided
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Product Description

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Cholesterol Symptoms In Women | How to lower cholesterol
Cholesterol Symptoms In Women | How to lower cholesterol
low hdl cholesterol symptoms
low hdl cholesterol symptoms
low hdl cholesterol symptoms
low hdl cholesterol symptoms