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Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol 20 oz


Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol 20 oz by Hollywood Beauty

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Natural Factors - Oil of Oregano, Certified Organic Support for Healthy Immunity and Cholesterol, Minimum 80% Carvacrol with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 374 Servings (2 oz)

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Natural Factors - Oil of Oregano, Certified Organic Support for Healthy Immunity and Cholesterol, Minimum 80% Carvacrol with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 374 Servings (2 oz) by Natural Factors

  • POTENCY + PURITY: Natural Factors Certified Organic Oil of Oregano...
  • BLENDED WITH ORGANIC OLIVE OIL: Because pure oil of oregano is too...
  • SAY NO TO BUILDUP: Bad cholesterol tends to build up when free...

Product Description
Manufactured by Natural Factors to ensure safety and potency in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) of the FDA and Health Canada.

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  1. LUX LUX says:
    which stigmatize of olive oil is good for cholesterol and can be used for cooking?
    know for sure me which brand in olive oil has this. I herd that olive oil is reducing bad cholesterol (LDL)and increases good cholesterol(HDL).
    ʎʇəəʍЅ says:
    Filippo Berio - the stamp says something about "healthy heart see back for details" its imported from Italy and can be found in your neighbourhood grocery store.
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Virgin Olive Oil protects Spirit Health and reduce Cholesterol levels ...

The Lyon Intake Heart Study (Archives of Internal Remedy 1998. 158: 1181-1187) observed 605 patients who had some time ago recovered from a first heart attack. Subjects were randomly selected either to mirror a control diet similar to the American Empathy Association diet (limiting fat intake to less than 30% of calories, saturated fat representing 10%,.
Source: http://www.oliveoilmarket.eu/virgin-olive-oil-protects-heart-health-and-reduce-cholesterol-levels/

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