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Alarmed by your cholesterol rate? Or simply curious and health-conscious? This short guide will teach you the basics about cholesterol, its causes, symptoms and possible treatments.


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Cholesterol. It sounds like such a dirty word, but in the right amounts, cholesterol helps your body function. Unfortunately, your genes and your diet may leave you with way more than your system can handle. When there is too much cholesterol in your blood, it builds up in your arteries and can eventually cut off the blood supply to your heart. The higher your cholesterol, the greater your chances are of developing heart disease. Even if you do have high cholesterol, it is largely manageable through lifestyle behaviors, such as a heart-healthy diet, not smoking, regular exercise and stress reduction.

This book is about understanding Cholesterol's basics, roots and causes. It will help you better understand this disease and start helping your friends of family who suffer from High Cholesterol.

After downloading this book you will learn..

  • An Overview of Cholesterol

  • What is Cholesterol Exactly?

  • Misconceptions about Cholesterol

  • Symptoms and Complications of High Cholesterol

  • Detecting and Treating High Cholesterol

  • Preventing and Treating High-Cholesterol through Changing One’s Diet

  • And Much, much more!

Read what other people have to say

"What a great read, I have been struggling with this for a long time and it's wonderful to have something like this to help me. I finally have my cholesterol under control and it's all thanks to this valuable book. The author wrote everything out so clearly and made the entire book easy-to-follow.

I would give this a try if you are like me and battling with high-cholesterol or even if you just want to prevent it. This is a quality resource and you'll be thankful to have it at your fingertips!"

- David -

"My family has always had bad cholesterol and as long as I can remember I have always had might slightly too high as well which is why when I saw this book I figured now is a good a time as any to understand this thing."

- Monica G. -

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  1. crystle crystle says:
    Does anyone identify much about heartburn treatment and lowering cholesterol?
    Does anyone be versed much about heartburn treatment and lowering cholesterol. I have to do both at the same time and my doctor was not much help to me as far as what to do as far as a sustenance goes,so if any one knows what to do as far as a diet goes I.
    M M T says:
    When my bridegroom had a heart attack (he's doing great) and. I just love it when they tell you that you extremity to do something and have no clue or offer no support or information to get you started.
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    A boyhood obesity treatment programme at Temple Street Children’s Clinic ... 40pc had risk factors for heart contagion, including high cholesterol. Meanwhile, psychological difficulties savvy by 60pc of the children included poor self-evaluate ...
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    Humans with the LPL S447X deviating have been shown on average to have lower triglyceride and higher HDL cholesterol levels than those without LPL S447X.  Glybera developed by uniQure is an adeno-associated virus based mortal gene therapy that contains LPL ...

FDA Approves Orphan Stupefy to Treat Rare Inherited Cholesterol ...

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    The Medicines Society (NASDAQ: MDCO ) wants in on Alnylam's (NASDAQ: ALNY ) prematurely-stage cholesterol treatment ALN-PCS. A new deal requires Medicines Public limited company to make an initial $25 million payment followed by $180 in likely milestones, and
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    The work was approved to treat a condition called homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia, or HoFH, a fuss that causes very high cholesterol , and is meant to be given with other cholesterol-lowering drugs. The FDA estimates HoFH affects one
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    A briefing today on the slate - called W82GO - heard that when these children were referred, 40pc had hazard factors for heart disease, including lofty cholesterol. Meanwhile, psychological difficulties experienced by 60pc of W82GO is a 12-month
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    It is expected that Aegerion will swell the drug's availability once its use, and the safe keeping that must be taken with it, become more familiar to physicians. Juxtapid works, in get, by activating on a lipoprotein called apo B, to which fat cells endear
When is treatment indicated for high cholesterol level?
When is treatment indicated for high cholesterol level?
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Posts related to Symptoms of High Cholesterol
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