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Cardiovascular disease is today the largest single contributor to global mortality. A major challenge in human health over the next 50 years is to reduce the impact of chronic diseases. The health benefits of a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and legumes have been well recognized. Poor compliance to dietary recommendations, unhealthy lifestyle and mismanagement of cardiovascular emergencies reflect the dearth of awareness among the community. This book provides data on the nutritional, cardiovascular and biochemical profile of adults living with cardiovascular disease in the ‘Temple Town’ of Tamil Nadu, Madurai with lucid and interesting illustrations. An attempt has been made to associate these factors along with their critical energy balance with cardiovascular disease. Specific focus has also been on the occurrence of various metabolic syndrome components and cardiovascular disease. This book can adorn the bookshelf of academicians, researchers, nutritionists and scholars interested in clinical nutrition.

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  1. Soni J Soni J says:
    What are the chances of a pith attack?
    My intimate has a heart problem and he says that any time he gets an censure the worst is that he'll die. Can somebody please tell me the chances of a stomach attack when you have a heart problem and what he can do to prevent it.
    almostMD says:
    You can use the Framingham imperil score calculator which is pretty much the only way to estimate chances of a centre attack without doing invasive or expensive imaging procedures.
  1. Account Confirms Multimarker Approach as Definitive Work to Identify and Help Diminish Cardiovascular Hazard
    A just-published description, co-authored by the medical leadership of Cleveland HeartLab (CHL) and MDVIP for the baroness-reviewed journal Future Cardiology (July 2013), obviously demonstrates the utility of a multimarker approach to conclude ...
  2. Why Optimists Seem To Employ Stress Better
    On any occasion wondered how it is your optimistic friend always seems to be unfazed by pressure? Scientists may have pinpointed a possible reason for why. Researchers from Concordia University found that optimists' pressure hormone levels remain more stable ...
  3. Scientists Closer to Cat Allergy Marinate
    July 26, 2013 -- Scientists say they're bright that a research breakthrough will lead to a cure for people who are allergic to cats. Researchers at the University of Cambridge say they've figured out how a particular protein in cat dander triggers an ...

Higher Selenium Significance is Associated with Adverse Blood Lipid ...

Summary Recent findings have raised concern about admissible associations of high selenium exposure with diabetes and hyperlipidemia in the US, a denizens with high selenium status. In the UK, a population with bring selenium status, there is little data on the conjunction of selenium status with cardio-metabolic imperil factors in the general population.

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  1. Vigorousness: All you need to know about statins, plus why it's established to be grumpy ...
    Bergamot extricate is also effective in metabolic syndrome (the combination of diabetes, maximum blood pressure and obesity which is a grave endanger for CVD), and is useful for patients such as your husband with a raised lipid profile but otherwise low hazard
  2. Times Higher Education Heart Higher Ed: Weigh In or Pay
    By November, caduceus and their spouses or domestic partners covered by university vigour care must complete an online wellness profile and bodily exam. They are also required to complete a more invasive biometric screening, including a “slap lipid
  3. Chemistry World Brains trust knife smokes out cancer
    The molecules the magnitude spec is most interested in are lipids. Over several years Takats' rig have built up a huge library of tissue types, both tonic and cancerous. Surveying these has shown that tumours have a different lipid profile to nutritious
  4. Alnylam Pharmaceuticals' CEO Hosts R&D Day Colloquium (Transcript)
    These lipid nanoparticles encapsulate siRNA, and in a quantity-dependent fashion, allow knockdown of any given genes, in this case Transthyretin. You can see the knockdown is puissant, and become virtually a glycoprotein at doses as low as 0.2 mg/kg
  5. All-in-one Med nutriment solution
    Benolea proved to be effective in lowering elevated blood-pressure levels and beyond influenced the lipid profile of this population, while being safe and well-tolerated. Benolea is wet-soluble and can be used in dietary supplements as luckily as
Lipid Profile Serum
Lipid Profile Serum
CTT (Cholesterol Treatment Trialists' Collaboration) — CTSU
CTT (Cholesterol Treatment Trialists' Collaboration) — CTSU
Lipid Profile Meter
Lipid Profile Meter
How can we improve clinical diagnosis of dyslipidaemia? | BJC
How can we improve clinical diagnosis of dyslipidaemia? | BJC