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Ultimate PAGG Stack Formula - Blend of 8 Potent Dietary Supplements – Helps to Build Muscle and Increase Weight Loss

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Ultimate PAGG Stack Formula - Blend of 8 Potent Dietary Supplements – Helps to Build Muscle and Increase Weight Loss by The Healthy Life Supplements

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  • WHAT IS PAGG ? : PAGG is a supplement stack providing the ability...

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Product Description
PAGG Stack Supplement System

• The PAGG Supplement Stack System is a dietary supplement made out of a combination of natural supplements, used to enhance and assist in weight-loss.

• The PAGG Stack is free of any chemical stimulants, and is currently the most-popular weight-loss accelerant.

• This powerful weight-management all put in one tablet takes its name "PAGG" as an acronym for all its key ingredients (Policosanol, ALA, Garlic, Green Tea) that have been combined to create the ultimate PAGG supplement stack available in the market in today's age.

• Every one of the ingredients in this stack is supported by scientific research vouching for their fat-loss and other useful attributes.

• Policosanol - (Sugar cane extract), that has been used to treat symptoms of cardiovascular disease which it does by cutting down LDL oxidation levels.

• Policosanol has been proven by studies to help reduce body-fat

• Alpha-Lipoic Acid, aka ALA and also called lipoic acid - (A coenzyme), naturally needed to break down sugar in the body mainly to produce energy.

• ALA has been proven by studies for liver detoxification and acts as a Powerful antioxidant

• Green Tea breaks down older fat cells and takes up the reproduction of new fat cells

• Raving reviews from tens of professionals, such as Timothy Ferriss who mentioned it in his #1 Amazon and #1 New York Times best seller "The 4-Hour", make it widely accredited and ensure the best quality.

Product Description
Zestlife's Pagg has now been updated and improved in line with the latest Tim Ferriss 'Four Hour Body' guidance.This product is a supplement stack - anecdotal evidence suggests a much improved effect when they are combined, increasing metabolism and inproving fat loss.Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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    Does hydroxycut quite work or is it just another over advertised supplement?
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    ClickMaster says:
    They're nothing more than a batch of cool sounding exotic substances mixed together to give you the depression they'll help you do what you can't do as you should. Hydroxycut products are scams.
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POLICOSANOL: The Four Hour Fuselage Vitamins and Supplements ...

Policosanol is reach-me-down for many conditions, but so far, there isn’t enough scientific evidence to govern whether or not it is effective for any of them. Policosanol is used for conditions that pretend to the health of the heart and blood vessels including dear cholesterol, leg pain due to poor circulation (irregular.
Source: http://www.4hourlife.com/2011/08/08/policosanol-the-four-hour-body-vitamins-and-supplements-series/

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Policosanol – What is it? « 4 Hour Body Supplements
Policosanol – What is it? « 4 Hour Body Supplements
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Fat Loss Secrets That Made Me Lose Over 8 Inches In 1 Month ...
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