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Vital Nutrients - Niacin 500 mg Extended Release - Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglyceride, LP(A) Support - 90 Extended Release Tablets

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Vital Nutrients - Niacin 500 mg Extended Release - Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglyceride, LP(A) Support - 90 Extended Release Tablets by Vital Nutrients

  • Promotes healthy lipid metabolism
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels
  • Time release coating

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Product Description
Niacin 500mg Extended Release tablets contain Niacin (vitamin B3), a water soluble vitamin with an important role in cellular metabolism. Niacin has a very long clinical use history and has been shown to support lipid metabolism, Cholesterol, LDL, Lipoprotein (a) and HDL. Niacin has an impressive record of nutritional supportive effects on cholesterol metabolism that are documented in numerous clinical trials. Clinical studies also suggest niacin may also support the peripheral circulatory system and healthy fibrinogen production. Vital Nutrients Niacin 500mg Extended Release Tablets contain a time-release matrix that slowly secretes niacin into the body. Clinical trials have demonstrated bioavailability and tolerance of Vital Nutrients extended release Niacin. 1500 mg per day supports lipid metabolism. Vital Nutrients mission is to manufacture superior quality nutraceuticals that exceed both industry and government standards and provide clinically effective results. They provide over 200 science-based and clinically effective products. They have a comprehensive quality assurance program to ensure that purity and potency is consistently met on every product that they manufacture. Vital Nutrients uses independent U.S. ethical laboratories to test all raw materials and finished products. Each raw material is tested, regardless of origin, for purity and potency. All finished products are tested through a real time stability protocol for expiration date validation. They are an FDA Inspected facility that exceeds FDA cGMPs, and a member of the NPA. Ingredients Amount Per Serving: 1 tablet contain: Niacin (extended release) 500mg. Other ingredients: Vegetable Waxes (Rice Bran, and/or Carnauba), Stearic Acid (Veg), Magnesium Stearate (Veg), and Silica.
Product Description
“Although, your health condition may impact your everyday life, do not let it define who you are.”

NIASPAN (niacin) is used to help lower high cholesterol and fat levels in the blood. This may help prevent medical problems caused by cholesterol and fat clogging the blood vessels. Some strengths of NIASPAN are available only with your doctor's prescription. Importance of Diet: Before prescribing medicine for your condition, your doctor will probably try to control your condition by prescribing a personal diet for you. Such a diet may be low in fats, sugars, and/or cholesterol. Many people are able to control their condition by carefully following their doctor's orders for proper diet and exercise. Medicine is prescribed only when additional help is needed and is effective only when a schedule of diet and exercise is properly followed. Also, this medicine is less effective if you are greatly overweight. It may be very important for you to go on a reducing diet. However, check with your doctor before going on any diet. Make certain your health care professional knows if you are on any special diet, such as a low-sodium or low-sugar diet.

Thanks and may you have a good understanding about this drug—NIASPAN. You may want to share this book with your family and friends who may be in need of help and would want to use this medicine. Take care, and as always, be well!

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  1. theefovalways theefovalways says:
    What is the in the most suitable way way to lower triglycerides?
    And why do I ask questions to people that are more igorant of the motive matter than myself. Does a high carb diet contribute to tainted triglycerides, or is it only if they are excess calories.
    Windy says:
    - fish oils (Omega-3 fatty acids). - hilarious fiber diet and/or taking. There are some non-medical methods to lose weight triglycerides, including:. - niacin (high doses of the non-flushing big-hearted).
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    They delight a win cholesterol, triglycerides, and other fats, called lipids, in the blood from other parts of your consistency to your liver. This article discusses the blood examination used to measure the level of HDL cholesterol in your blood.
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    "While apex-dose niacin raised participants' HDL cholesterol and lowered triglycerides, it did not upset the overall rate of cardiovascular events," she said. "There was also an unexplained higher frequency of stroke in the high-dose niacin group ...

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” What does this hint at and what are triglycerides. Cholesterol is needed to build cells and triglycerides are acclimated to for energy. Like cholesterol, triglycerides are a fat found in your blood. Sounds like both are really good for you, but if cholesterol and triglycerides go beyond their normal levels, there will be salubriousness.

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  1. Orlando Sentinel Dr. Richard Bosshardt: Niacin can upwards effectiveness of cholesterol-lowering ...
    Niacin is the most effect articulated agent for raising HDL levels and can raise levels by 50 percent or more. In extension to its effects in raising the level of HDL cholesterol in the blood, niacin also helps to tone down the level of LDL and triglycerides
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... niacin. Liver contains +12mg% of vitamin B3 and kidney contains more
... niacin. Liver contains +12mg% of vitamin B3 and kidney contains more
Food Cures For High Triglycerides - 5 Ways To Lower Triglycerides ...
Food Cures For High Triglycerides - 5 Ways To Lower Triglycerides ...
niacin vitamin b3 niacin is a very safe nutrient when
niacin vitamin b3 niacin is a very safe nutrient when
... triglycerides; hence, fish is definitely the top niacin containing
... triglycerides; hence, fish is definitely the top niacin containing