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High Quality Kaxa Air Cushion Height Increase Elevator Shoes Insole Lift Kit For Men and Women (3 Layers, Black)

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High Quality Kaxa Air Cushion Height Increase Elevator Shoes Insole Lift Kit For Men and Women (3 Layers, Black) by KaXa

  • ✔<b>INCREASED HEIGHT :</b> You will be completely confident with...
  • ✔<b>FRIENDLY DESIGN AND IMPROVED COMFORT:</b> The insoles have air...
  • ✔<b>SUPERIOR QUALITY:</b> The superior quality insoles are made up...

Product Description
You do not have enough confidence when standing in front of the crowd? Is your height always a big obstacle in work or communication? Your height sometimes makes it difficult for you to choose the right outfit! Now your "modest" height will not bother you anymore! Theinsoles will help you increase your height significantly but no one ever knows the secret behind your increase height. The insolescome in a pair of 2 (for left and right foot), and is made of black PU which give maximum comfort to your heels. Removable sole lets you choose your desired height and your height can be maximumly increased from 3cm to 7cm ... This pair of shoes cushions are made of durable and soft, and featured air cushion function which makes them comfortable to wear. It also can effectively prevent your foot soles slipping inside your shoes and increase the comfort of your shoes.
US MEN 4(US WOMEN 6.5) =225mm
US MEN 5(US WOMEN 7) =230mm
US MEN 5.5(US WOMEN 7.5) =235mm
US MEN 6(US WOMEN 8) =240mm
US MEN 6.5(US WOMEN 8.5) =245mm
US MEN 7(US WOMEN 9) =250mm
US MEN 7.5(US WOMEN 9.5) =255mm
US MEN 8(US WOMEN 10) =260mm
US MEN 8.5(US WOMEN 10.5) =265mm
US MEN 9(US WOMEN 11) =270mm
- Weight: 323g
- Color: Black
- Material: Durable and soft PU
- Shoes size: 4.5-11.5 (USA / Canada)
- 3 layers: 7cm.
- Length is approx.27.5cm
- Quantity: 2pcs (1pair)
About the product:
✔Instantaneous Increase in height
✔Increase the comfort of your shoes
✔Air cushioned caps for comfortable feet, help reduce foot pain
✔Increase your height with concealed heels which ensure that the secret of your height never goes out
✔Fit both men and women,trimmable for best fit
✔This is a free-size product and can fit all sizes of shoes
✔Discourages growth of odor causing bacteria Package including: 1 pair(A set comes with both left and right foot shoe inserts)

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  1. Heather H Heather H says:
    Where can I call up a good local place to get matte photo prints made?
    I almost always just print online but im in a rush and dont want to pay for very shipping. I live in Orlando FL near Universal studios, anybody differentiate of a good place in the area to get good quality matte photo prints at a within reason price.
    hansenphotography says:
    Both have machines on orientation that you can have the prints made right there. Prints are about $0. 29 each and depending. Wal-Mart or Walgreen's photo centers are talented.
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