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  1. Bri Bri says:
    Bloody itchy rash for over two months! (pictures included)?
    My boyfriend and I woke up one morning at his dad's establishment (we slept separated that night, keep in mind) and both had this red dashing all over our arms. His was much more mild than mine, and mine completely covered the expression of my arms and my torso.
    Nikki says:
    If that is what you are seeing, it could. It is demanding to tell from the photos that you provided, but it looked like there were some shamed somewhat clear bumps that looked almost like a spot.

Suzi Homemaker -- Confessions from the Sew Dojo: Zyma Derm ...

This is what I have well-versed from many. For those of you that aren't familiar with molluscum, it is a pox virus that affects mostly children, although it also can be found in adults with infallible immune deficiencies. , called ZymaDerm. ZymaDerm is a homeopathic alleviate used to treat molluscum contagiosm.

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    A 20-year-old agile-duty Marine presents with a three-day narration of a multiple lesions on his trunk, back, arms and legs. The lesions all appeared on the same day. He complains of equable itching on a few of the lesions. He denies any systemic symptoms
  3. Derm Dx: Minuscule annular plaques on the legs
    A concubine in her sixties presents complaining of a progressive quixotic on her legs. The rash consists of multiple reduced annular plaques. The patient does not complain of any pruritus or affliction. She states that her mother had the same condition.
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  2. Welcome back to Stockhouse
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Local Walgreen's Drug Stores Now Stock ZymaDerm™ The Painless ...
Local Walgreen's Drug Stores Now Stock ZymaDerm™ The Painless ...
Painless Treatment for Molluscum Available at Walgreen's. T
Painless Treatment for Molluscum Available at Walgreen's. T
Itching and Rash Treatments | Walgreens
Itching and Rash Treatments | Walgreens
Treatment - ZymaDerm :: FDA Approved Homeopathic Available in Walgreen ...
Treatment - ZymaDerm :: FDA Approved Homeopathic Available in Walgreen ...